Chapter 32

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It has been two days since the confession, and it has been two days since Lisa and Jennie talked.

They were avoiding each other. No. Lisa is avoiding Jennie. Why? Jennie also wonders why. She tried to approach Lisa not just once or twice. In fact, she really tried a lot of times but the younger is obviously avoiding her.

Jennie stood up from her bed and decided to cook dinner, atleast she can use her time productively than thinking about Lisa who is missing again. She woke up earlier and found that Lisa is not in her room.

She tried to focus her attention to her cooking but her mind is not cooperating for it only thinks about the certain blonde.

Jennie had enough, she decided that she will confront Lisa no matter what and she will make sure that the younger won't escape this time.


She smirked as she heard the the sound of the door opening. She quickly walked to the living room to greet Lisa.

"Hey." She greeted and Lisa who is currently removing her shoes flinched as she heard the older. She then looked up to meet the older's eyes.

"Hey." She greeted back.

"I cooked dinner, let's eat" she invited her.

"Uh-- I already ate, so I guess I'll go to sleep." She said and started to walk faster to avoid the brunnette but Jennie is faster to grabbed her arm to stop her.

"I. Said. Let's. Eat." The brunnette said with a serious tone. No. A deadly one.

Lisa gulped hard for she was afraid of Jennie's aura. She couldn't afford to refuse her, for it will cause Jennie to be more scary.

They walk back to the dining room and sat facing each other.

Jennie started to put some food on her plate and while glancing at Lisa who looks like her soul has been taken away from her body.

"Why aren't you moving?" Jennie asked coldly.

Lisa flinched just hearing her voice and just like a robot, she automatically moved her body to get some food.

They were eating for five minutes now but no one is breaking the silence.

Since Jennie decided earlier that she will confront the blonde, she cleared her throat to get her attention.

"Uh.. about what happened the last day." She started.

"Please.. let's not talk about it." Lisa quickly stopped her.

"No! We need to talk Lisa. I don't want us to avoid each other like this just because of a misunderstanding." She said.

"I just need some time, Jennie." She sighed.

"Why do you sound like you're moving on? I haven't answered you yet." Jennie crossed her arms for she was annoyed to the thought that Lisa is avoiding her because she feels like she rejected her.

"I know.. but It's embarrassing. The whole event end up in a mess. Let's just forget what happened. " The younger answered and looked down, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"You want me to forget the most beautiful night I've ever had?" Hurt is evident to Jennie's voice as she asked her.

Lisa looked at her, "No! I'm sorry, I did not know. I'm sorry if I did not acknowledge your feelings, I'm only thinking about myself."

Jennie said and reach for the blonde's hand. "Now, do you want to hear my answer?" She asked.

They looked at each other's eyes for nobody knows how long. Lisa was very nervous that she can feel her body shaking but she forced herself to answer with a nod.

Jennie shower her gummy smile and held her hand tighter, "Yes Lisa, I'm willing to give you a chance."

And Lisa felt that she was the luckiest person in the planet as soon as she heard her 'yes'.

Call her exaggerating, but what she's feeling right now is like that. Like she was is cloud nine, with the angel in front of her.

"Geez. It would truly be perfect if I heard your answer that night. Damn it!" She whined.

"Yah! Stop sulking, atleast I said yes." Jennie laughed at her.

"But still.. of all the time, why do I have to suffer indigestion that night? Like, it really triggered my stomach as soon as I asked you." She said and Jennie burst out laughing for she can't handle it anymore.

The reason why Jennie couldn't answer her because Lisa felt that her stomach is upset and she badly needs to go to a comfort room or she will surely bomb her shits in front of Jennie so she ran away.

"Stop laughing, it's embarrassing." Lisa told her but she can't stop herself of how epic Lisa was that night.

She wiped the tears caused by her laughter and find a way to speak even though she's still laughing.

"Lesson learned: Don't eat so many food if you have a big event." She said and burst out laughing again.

"Geez. I'm out of here." Lisa said annoyed and stood up.

Jennie grabbed her arm and made her sit again. She stopped laughing and held Lisa's hand again.

"It's okay.. I really think what happened was a big help. I never got the chance to answer you but I'm thankful that your incident happened, It's like, you gave me time to think right? Because honestly, I really don't know what will I answer that time." She said and Lisa felt how sincere she is. She thought that if she was in Jennie's shoes, she will also feel pressured.

"I understand." She answered as she placed Jennie's hand to her cheek to feel her warmth.

"Don't be grumpy, okay? Afterall, I gave you a yes. Though, you still have to prove yourself." She said.

"Ofcourse wifey, I'll definitely use your 'yes' to win back your heart." She said and winked at her.

Jennie pulled her hand away and crossed her arms, "you sure are starting to flirt now."

"Come on, you haven't seen a percent of my effort!" Lisa said with modesty.

"Let's see.." Jennie challenged her.

Lisa smiled, "It's still perfect afterall."

"Yup! So let's continue eating, I made sure you won't get indigestion with these food." She teased.

"Jennie!" Lisa yelled.

And they both end up laughing.

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