Chapter 37

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"C-can we talk?" I asked Lisa nervously. Our friends went inside again that leaves just the both of us here.

She did not say anything but she nodded.

"I'm sorry.." I said, I looked at her reaction but her poker face did not change.

I sighed and walked closer to her. I reached for her hand and held it.

"Look.. I'm really really sorry for what happened.. for hurting you and for thinking that way. I'm really sorry. What can I do for you to forgive me? " I apologized.

She looked at me directly in my eyes and pulled her hand away from my grip.

"YOUR TRUST .. I just want you to trust me.. that's all I need." She said coldly  and went inside leaving me.



"Yah! Everybody come here! The bonfire is ready!" Seulgi yelled.

We saw her with Lisa, Taeyeon, Yuri, Jisoo and Jeongyeon who helped to build the fire.

Everyone went beside their girlfriends and that made me looked at Lisa. She's not talking to me until now. I looked around to find another space to sit on but Taeyeon unnie noticed that I'm still standing.

"Jennie, why are you still standing there? Go sit beside Lisa." She said and everyone is now looking at me.

I looked at Lisa's side again and saw her moving to give me some space.

I smiled and quickly took the spot that she gave me.

"Let's start the party by singing and wishing a happy birthday to the most beautiful celebrant!" Taeyeon unnie said but the others complained that their girlfriends were the most beautiful.

"Come on guys, it's Tiffany's birthday. Let's give this day to her." Lisa said and they all agreed.

We started to sing and witnessed Tiffany wishing and blowing the cake we personally baked earlier. We gave birthday wishes and even though it's cringey to hear their sweet messages, it's obvious that she loved it.

"NOW LET'S GET WASTED!" Jisoo yelled and everyone put their drinks up and cheered.

"Wow, this strat cat loves his place here between my legs." Seulgi said playing with the car.

"Well, that's as close to a pussy you're ever going to get." Taeyeon said and everyone laughed.

"Let's play! Just talking and drinking is boring." Yuri suggested.

"What game do you want to play then?" Jisoo asked.

"Spin the bottle!" Seulgi suggested.

"That's too mainstream.." Sica unnie said.

"No it's okay. No truth, just dare. And if you don't want to do the dare.." Yuri said smirking and looked at Taeyeon.

"You'll drink a glass of this vodka." She said pointing at the bottles of vodka.

"Babe I'm sure everyone would choose to drink it. Afterall, we're here to drink." Tiffany unnie said.

"Uh-uh.. you'll drink the vodka without the chaser." She said grinning like a devil.

Everyone gasped.

"What?? Yah unnie! Isn't it too hard? You'll get severe headache tomorrow after drinking that. Do you want to die early?" Rosé complained.

"It's fun.. Lisa always do this. Right Lissie?" Taeyeon asked Lisa.

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