Chapter 47- comeback!!!

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"Yah! Jisoo unnie, can you pick me up? I'm here at the company." I said after she picked up the phone.

"Why do I need to pick you up? Where's your car?" She asked me.

"My car broke down at the middle of the road, I called our driver to get it then I took a cab." I answered.

"Okay, why are you there anyway?" She asked me again.

"I just need to give some papers to Dad." I answered again.

"okay, I'm on my way." She said.

"Okay, I'll just wait for Dad. Her secretary said he's having a meeting." I said before hanging up.

I glanced at his office again, hoping that it will open soon. But it didn't.

After 15 minutes of waiting, the door is still closed. I felt that I need to use the comfort room so I told my father's secretary to inform him that I'm here, in case that he finished his meeting while I'm in the wash room.

I was washing my hands when a little boy came in. He went to a cubicle and I think he peed. I heard the flush and he went out. He went to my side and stopped.

Maybe he wants to wash his hands but it's too high form him to reach.

"Uh.. do you want to wash your hands? I can help you." I offered.

He looked at me and smiled.

Oh my God!  he's a handsome kid.

Oh my God!  he's a handsome kid

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"Please.." he said raising his hands. I lift him up and opened the faucet then helped him wash his hands. I put him down and helped him too to dry his hands.

"It's done. Your hands are cleaned." I said proudly.

"Thank you so much for helping me, Ms. Beautiful." He said in English and I blushed at his complinent... wait.. wtf? How can he be that fluent? Is he a foreigner??

"You're good in english. Are you a foreigner?" I asked him in English.

"I was born and grew up in Australia,  we just came back here last night." He said in Korean this time.

"Wow. You grew up in other country but you speak fluent in Korean." I complimented him.

"My mommies always talk to me in Korean that's why I learned." He explained.

"You're a smart boy, how old are you?" I asked him.

"I'm four." He answered raising his four fingers. Cute.

"So.. what are you doing here alone?" I asked him again.

"My mommies went here to have a meeting with the CEO. I need to use the comfort room but I don't want to disturb them so I told them I can go by myself." He said.

"You act more mature than your age. You're amazing." I said smiling.

"Of course! I'm a big boy now." He said and raised his hands like a muscle man.

The door opened revealing Jisoo unnie.

"Hey Jen, I've been looking for you. Good thing the secretary told me you're here." She told me and then looked at the boy.

"Uh.. who's this little boy." She asked me.

"Hi, my name is Angelo." He introduced himself in English that surprised Jisoo.

"Oh my God! A foreigner, you're so cute!" Jisoo said in Korean and pinched his cheeks.

"Ms. Pretty, I can understand you." He said that surprised Jisoo more.

"Daebak! You're so cool man!" Jisoo answered in English and made a fist bump with the kid who is laughing at her silliness. "You're so cute, I want to take you home." Jisoo said and hugged the boy. Aish.. Unnie is so embarrassing.

"Oh! Sorry ladies, but I think I need to go. My mommies might be wondering why I'm taking so long." He said.

"Mommies?" Jisoo asked.

"Yup, they are having a meeting with the CEO." He answered. "Bye. Nice meeting you. Thank you." He said then he bowed and went out. Such a polite little kid.

"That boy is so adorable. I want to have a child like him." Jisoo said in dreamy eyes.

Well, I would like to have a child like him too.

"Go find Rosé first idiot." I said.

"Yah! Don't ruin the mood. And I feel that I will see my Chaeyoung soon." She said grinning like a crazy person. After hearing that, I immediately thought about Lisa.

I hope I see you soon too.. I missed you so much, Love.

"You look crazy.. stop that. Let's go to Dad, he's probably finished." I said to change the topic then opened the door. We walked out and made our way to my father's office.

"You still have the papers?" She asked.

"Yeah, their meeting took so long. His secretary told me that they are important persons and my father told her not to disturb them. I wonder who are they." I said.

"Have you seen them? Gosh I like the one with the bangs, she looks so hot." We heard the employee from the front desk talking.

"I like the other one, did you see how sexy she is? Her waist man, she's skinny but she looks hot." The other said.

Jisoo and I decided to eavesdrop for a moment and hide at the corner.

"I like the one with the bangs more.. she look so handsome. she doesn't look like a Korean though.." the first employee spoke again.

"Yeah, but the other is sure a Korean. They look familiar, I wonder where I saw them." The other employee said.

"Too bad, I think we don't have a chance with them." The girl employee said.

"How can you say so?" The boy asked.

"Well, I saw them with their son." The girl answered.

"Oh! You mean that handsome little boy is their son?" He asked.

"Yeah, I heard the boy calling them 'mommies' when they passed by." She answered.

I looked at Jisoo, "I think they're talking about my Dad's visitor." I whispered.

"Yeah, I think so too." She said.

"Oh my God! It's them!" We heard the girl yelled and pointed her fingers at the exit.

Jisoo and I followed the direction that she pointed and we're both shocked to see who are they talking about.

There.. the two brunette who have been missing for years now,  walking happily hand in hand,  with the little boy that we met earlier.

"Lisa/Chaeyoung." Jisoo and I said in unison..


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