Chapter 34

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We entered the supermarket. Lisa grabbed a cart by the side and began pushing it.

I followed by the side, my eyes running through the different shelves.

"Are we going to buy other foods?" She asked, turning to look at me while I stared at the ceiling as I pondered through the items.

"Let's get the meat first." I answered.

She crossed her arms and raised a brow. "I have no idea where it is."

Great, I forgot that all she buys in groceries were instant goods.

I rolled my eyes. "You're terrible. It's at the frozen section." I said, pointing at the direction and dragged her along with me.

"Is this the one?" She asked raising a brow.

"Lisa, look closely, it's a fish. Don't you know the difference?" She just chuckled and picked up another packet which was similar to what I have in mind.

"I know that this is the meat you wanted, I was just fooling around." She winked flirtatiously.

"You and your excuses." I chuckled.

"Yah! It's true, I went to buy this with Mom one time." She defended.

"Whatever makes you happy, monkey." I said and turn my back at her laughing.

"I'm too beautiful to be a monkey." She said.

"And you're too ugly to be a human." I answered back and burst out laughing when I saw the frown in her face.

"What a cute couple." An old woman's voice attracted our attention as we turned to the side to see an old woman and man probably in their seventies looking at us.

Lisa nodded and wrapped her arms around my waist as she pulled me close to her, "Thank you, I know we are." She said proudly.

I rolled my eyes and smacked her, glaring at how shameless she is.

"I can't stand you." I whispered as she laughed.

"You still love me though." She said winking again.

I just sighed at how playful she is.


Good morning! Short update 😊

Good morning! Short update 😊

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