Chapter 42

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I came home late, I checked Lisa in her room but she wasn't there. I checked her if she's in the kitchen and what I saw surprised me.

There was a cake in the table. I went closer to see what is written and what I have read made my knees weakened.

'Happy Birthday and 1st Anniversary, My wife. Love, your wife from hell.'

"Fuck how could I forget it? I thought it was tomorrow! Fuck!!" I quickly dialed Lisa's number but she's not answering. I tried to call her again and again but my eyes landed on the envelope beside the cake.

"No.. no.. this can't be." I said shaking as I reached for the envelope. I put my phone down so I can open it. I opened the envelope with my shaking hands slowly. I closed my eyes while holding the corner of the paper  and felt another paper fell on my feet thay made me open my eyes.

I gasped..

Surprised? Shocked? No! I don't know what to feel. In front of me, the paper I'm holding was the divorce papers thay Hanbin sent to me.... with Lisa's signature on it.

I broke down in tears..

"No this can't be! Lisa no!!" I yelled. I went to her room and checked her things just to find an empty cabinet. Her clothes were gone.

I went back to the kitchen again and grabbed my phone to call her.

"Come on.. Lisa please pick it up." I said in between my sobs. "Please.."

"Hello?" She said.

"Lisa! Thank God! You answered! Where are you?" I asked her quickly.

"Jennie, this is me Jisoo." She spoke again.

"J-Jisoo? Why do you have Lisa's phone?" I asked her.

"Where are you?" She asked me.

"Why are you not answering my question?" I yelled and started to cry again.

"Jennie, where are you? Are you crying?" She asked.

"I'm here, in our condo. Unnie, Lisa's clothes were all gone. Tell me where is she??" I said in panicked.

"Jennie please calm down, wait for me there. I'll explain when I get there." She said.

I hung up the phone.

Lisa, did you know already??

Then a paper got my attention. It fell off earlier when I opened the envelope.

I sat down and took it. My hands are trembling. It's a letter. Lisa surely wrote this. I'm afraid to open it because I know that Lisa knows what is going on already.

"No. Jennie you need to open this letter if you still want to see Lisa." I said to myself. I took a deep breath and build my courage to open the letter.


To Jennie "My Sexy" Wife,

Happy Happy Birthday To You and Happy Anniversary to the both of us. Time sure flies so fast, can you believe it, babe? We reached a year! I'm so proud of us.

Enough for the greetings, let's go to the breaking part (yeah, I'm literally crying while writing this letter, Love). Well I don't want to be super dramatic so I wrote this letter with less drama..

If you're reading this letter, that means, we did not end up together. Although we had a good run and shared happy memories along the way, I think it wasn't enough for us to stay together. How sad.. 'I feel bittersweet' haha

You are my first serious relationship and I loved you so much. Did you feel that? Maybe you did not, you wouldn't find another man if you did right? 

Kidding, I know you already have Hanbin before me so basically, you do have another man before me. I'm sorry If I caused trouble in your relationship, I shouldn't accepted the marriage because I know that you have a lover already. But what can I do? You just made me fall deeply, madly inlove with you. I'm sorry, I became selfish, I took this chance to be with you and did not think about Hanbin. I'm such a selfish friend, right? But can you blame me? If I was just claiming what's mine in the first place?

Don't think about it because it doesn't have sense.

So yeah, I'm sorry for all the problems that I caused you. Sorry for hurting you again. All I do is to love you, but it turns out that the love that I'm giving to you is the one that is hurting you the most.

Can you tell Hanbin that I feel sorry to him too? Just like me, he just loved and I can't blame him for that. Love can be heaven, but it can be cruel too.  You found Hanbin and he gave you heaven, in my case, I gave you the cruel love. It was unfair for your part because you were forced. Maybe you're right, I am really your 'wife from hell' , because I'm worse than Satan. I was eaten by hate and selfishness.

Again, I'm really sorry Jennie.

After all the pain that I have endured,
I just came to realize that maybe, this relationship is not really for us. They say, once is enough and twice is too much. I don't want to take risk for the third time because that would be abuse.

So as I promised, if our relationship won't work out, I'm willing to let you go. And here, I attached the divorce paper you hid from me, don't feel guilty about it tho. So yeah, I signed it! You're unofficially Mrs. Jennie Kim Manoban, you are free to marry the person you truly love.

I hope you guys will live happily. You don't have to explain to our parents, I got it all done. Best wishes!

So since I did you a favor, I hope you would do the same. Please don't hurt Hanbin, love him like you always do, he was my friend, and I don't like my friends getting hurt, I'd rather be hurt.

And last, please don't look for me. Come on, I need to move on, please cooperate haha don't be afraid, I won't take my life away if you're thinking about it. You know I always do what I promise right?  Then okay..

I, Lalisa Manoban, promise you that I will live a happy life and come back again when I'm fully healed.

I love you Jennie Kim, 'till we meet again.

Your Wife From Hell,
Lalisa 'Hot' Manoban.


"Jennie!" I looked at the doorway and saw Jisoo with her puffy eyes.

"Unnie, she's gone. Lisa is gone." I said and cried again.



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