Chapter 36

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"What really happened? Why did you make Jennie cry like this?" Sica unnie yelled at them.

We were back at the resort now, but not Lisa. She said that she need to pick up something.

She did not even explained. The heck with her! We're not even official yet she's having an affair now. Maybe she's going to pick up that bitch of hers and fuck each other.

I cried harder as the thought went in my head.

"Jennie, calm down." Tiffany said as she rubbed my back.

"Here, drink some water." Nayeon handed me a glass of water.

"Aren't you going to tell what the fuck happened? Yuri!" Sica yelled at Yuri and she was shocked. You wouldn't want to see 'HellSica'.

"We heard them talking about a certain girl, I guess? I think someone who has a past relationship with Lisa. Jennie heard it and she snapped." Jisoo explained instead.

"A girl? Who?" Rosé asked.

"It's nothing. We're talking about Georgina, Chaeng." Taeyeon said casually.

"It's nothing? You're telling us it's nothing, when you actually told her name is Georgina?" Tiffany scoffed.

I chuckled. "So it's Georgina huh? Just hearing her name I can say that she's a model type?" I asked.

"Oh yeah she is!" Seulgi seconded and she earned a smack from Irene.

"Shut up! You can see Jennie's state already and you have the nerve to say that." Irene said.

All of a sudden Rosé burts out laughing. She was laughing for 3 minutes straight holding her stomach as she wipe her tears.

"This is so funny." She said laughing.

"What's funny?" Sica asked her. All of us are confused.

"You're talking about Georgina, right?" She asked Taeyeon and the others. They all nodded and smirked.

"She's great, right Chaeng?" Yuri asked smirking.

"I can't believe this" she laughed. "Jennie unnie, I know you will love her when you see her. Lisa will pick her up." She continued.

"No thanks. I'm not interested." I answered coldly.

"This is so funny. You're jealous again unnie. She's jealous because of Georgina." Rosé said and burst out laughing again this time with Taeyeon unnie and their gang.

We were all confused because they keep on laughing until we heard a sound of a motorbike outside.

"Damn, she's here already? It's like a 30-minute drive from there to here right? It's been 15 minutes only." Jeongyeon said.

"You don't need to ask. Georgina is that great." Yuri winked.

"Let's go Jennie unnie, you need to meet Georgina who made you jealous." Rosé said and pulled me.

"No! I don't want to!" I refused and pulled my hand off her grip but she's stronger.

The others went out already and we heard the girls gasped.

"Oh my God!" I heard Tiffany unnie.

Rosé took this chance to drag me out and then there I saw Lisa with a motorbike. Where's the bitch?

I want to asked but thank God Jisoo asked first.

"Where's Georgina?" She asked.

Taeyeon, Yuri and Seulgi went around Lisa's bike and raised their hands like they were presenting the motorbike.

"Where's the sexy girl you've been talking about?" Jisoo asked.

"Dude, isn't she sexy? Look at her curves." Seulgi said and trace the curves of Lisa's motorbikes.

"And the hmm?" Jisoo asked pointing at her chest.

"Isn't this huge?" Yuri said tracing the huge gas tank.

"And her sexy moan?" She asked again

They all nodded to Lisa and she positioned herself like she'll be driving and turned on the engine.

"There, isn't it her sound so sexy?" Taeyeon asked.

"Damn, you really have a great bike, Lisa." Jeongyeon said in amusement still eyeing the motorbike.

Lisa chuckled. "Guys, meet Georgina. My ducati monster.  I got her when I was 15." She said as she kissed her motorbike.

" She said as she kissed her motorbike

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"She loves to give her cars names. And Georgina is her favorite." Rosé explained. "So Jennie unnie, don't be jealous okay? She's just a motorbike." She said and all of them laughed.

"We really thought it's a girl." Jisoo said.

"It's because of their dirty mouths." Lisa laugh pointing at Taeyeon and the gang.

"Yah! It's not our fault. We don't have a dirty mouth, they just have a dirty minds because they think of that way!" Seulgi defended.

"But really, I can't believe Jennie Kim got jealous because of a motorbike." Yuri said and I swear I just want the ground to just eat me right now.

I can't believe it too.. this is so embarrassing.

I looked at Lisa and she's not looking at me. She was talking with Jeongyeon and the others again about their cars and motorbikes.

Damn it.. I got two strikes, and it's all wrong.

Now I feel guilty for hurting her.

Aish! Why did I get jealous in the first place? What is going on with you Jennie Kim?


Taka careeeee!!!!

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