Chapter 17

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We arrived home at 12 midnight.

"It's really late, I wonder if I can wake up tomorrow." Lisa said groggily.

"You mean later?" I chuckled.

"Yeah right, should I skip school?" She asked.

"Yah! You just transferred, don't make a bad impression this early" I lectured her.

"Thank you for your consideration, bit I don't have to impress the teachers with my attendance. I'd rather impress them with my good performance." She said proudly.

"Yeah, and that includes you going to your classes." I said and she just groaned.

We were about to enter in our own rooms but suddenly Lisa held my arms to make me face her.

"Thank you for today, I had fun." She said while hugging me.

Yes she's hugging me and I don't have the idea how fast did she do that.

"No. I should be the one thanking you. I almost ruined this day this morning, glad that I've changed my mind." I said smiling and hugged her back.

I moved my body away from her so I can see her face.

"Thank you so much for this day Lisa, I had so much fun and you took me to places I've never been before. Plus, you made me eat chicken intestines." I said and we both laughed.

"I told you you'd like it." She said, "Don't worry, this won't be the last time we'll go out. I promise to take you to different places you've never been before and we will experience new things." She said while caressing my cheeks.

"Thank you. I'm looking forward to that." I said and smiled at her.

"Of course! It's me Lalisa Manoban, I can do all things." Here she is again being so cocky.

"You know what, If it wasn't for this and I met you not because of this marriage, we could be good friends." I said.

"Friends. Of course, everyone  loves to be friends with me." She said proudly.

"Why so cocky?" I asked.

"But you know, friends is common. We could be lovers. Like a real one." She said and winked at me.

I smack her head and glared at her. "Never in your wildest dreams!" I said and turn my back at her.

I opened the door of my room and suddenly Lisa pulled me.


"Goodnight Babe, just claiming my goodnight kiss." She said after kissing me on my lips. I was surprised so I didn't got the chance to react and she took this chance to go to her room and locked it.


"I LOVE YOU TOO" I heard her answered giggling.

I went in to my own room and slammed the door. I laid myself in bed held my lips.



Keep safe and God Bless you always 😇

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