Chapter 8

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"H-hey" I said.

"You know each other?" Lisa asked.

"Y-yeah. We're... friends." I answered and looked down.

Jisoo cleared her throat and spoke "All of us know him. We're his friends." She said. I looked at her and mothed a 'thank you' for saving me. All of them knows what's between me and Hanbin so this is really getting awkward.

"Right. That's right. We're in the same university Lice, it's impossible to not notice this beautiful girls." He said and chuckled.

"Oh yeah, They are." She said smiling. "I think your girlfriend is one of them, it's impossible to be close with these girls without a backer." She said and laugh.

Hanbin and I looked at each other, nervousness is visible in our eyes.

"Jennie" He said and all of us were shocked.

"What??" Lisa asked confusedly.

"I mean it's because of Jennie. We're classmates when I first transferred here and she introduce me with the group." He explained nervously.

"Oh.. I thought." Lisa said and laughed awkwardly. "But you know you can't like her." Lisa said.

"And why is that?" Jessica asked.

"Hanbin and I promised each other that we cannot like the same girl. We made it so we cannot broke our friendship. I think that's the reason why we're still friends until now. Right?" Lisa said.

"R-right!" Hanbin forced a smile.

"Are you okay?" Lisa asked him.

"Yes. Uhm.. excuse me girls, I'll just go to the washroom." He said and walked out.

They continued to chat with Lisa when I felt a vibration from my pocket.

"Meet me at the garden." Hanbin texted.

"I'll just go to the washroom, I'll be quick." I said and left the cafeteria.

I walked to the garden and saw his figure.

"Why do you want me to meet you." I asked coldly.

"J-Jennie." He said and hold my hand but I quickly remove it.

"Just tell me what you need." I said.

"I need you." He said sadly.

"I told you we're done. I'm already married and with your bestfriend for God's sake!" I yelled.

"I know! But I love you!" He said crying. "Please Jennie, I'm begging you. Come back to me. Don't you love me anymore?" He asked kneeling down.

"I--I still love you." I said and bit my lip to prevent my tears to fall down.

"Then let's be together. We can hide it to Lisa just how we hide it with your parents the past few years. Just please, give me another chance." He begged.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath..

"Okay." I answered.


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