Chapter 26

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It's been a week since Lisa and I celebrated our 3rd monthsary.

I did not forget.. In fact, I was the one to greet her first.

And guess what? She had her idiot smile all day.

We went to arcades and end up eating in 'our' favorite resto again. The ahjumma still ask Lisa if I am really her girlfriend but Lisa just laughs and says that I'm just a friend.

Today, I went to school alone. Lisa left already when I went out. I don't know why but I feel like she's been acting strange after our monthsary. She seems a bit quiet.

I arrived in school on time, the class started but I didn't see Lisa beside my seat.

"She's suppose to be here already. Where did she go?" I asked myself.

At lunch I saw Rosé and was about to ask Lisa to her but she ask me instead.

"Where's Lisa?" She asked.

"I don't know, I was about to ask you." I said.

The whole day Lisa didn't showed up in the school.

I went home and waited for her. I keep calling her and sending messages asking where is she but I didn't get any reply.

God.. Lisa where are you? I hope nothing bad happened to you.

I decided to go out to buy some food but when I got out I saw Lisa getting off her car.

Lisa started walking and stopped as soon as she saw me.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Should I be the one asking you? Where the hell did you go?" I asked her.

"Out.. did some important stuffs." She simply answered

"Why didn't you reply to my messages?" I asked again.

She raised her phone and it's blackout already.

"So.. what are you doing here? You don't have to wait for me, it's cold outside." She said.

"I'm not waiting for you, I'm just going to buy dinner." I said.

"oh? Okay, take care." She said and started to walk away.

"Wait! Aren't you going? Did you have your dinner already?" I asked.

"Uh.. yes, I ate outside." She said. "Go back immediately, it's late." She said tiredly.

What's wrong with her? This is the first time she didn't go with me. Must be tired.

It didn't took long for me to go back. I took out my order so I can share it with Lisa if ever she wants to eat again.

I went to her room to check if she's still awake. I look at her and saw that she's already sleeping.

Just when I'm about to go out I heard her murmuring.

"Sunmi.. don't leave.. please.." she said and she started crying.

What the hell?? What's going on??

"Sunmi.. Sunmi... Sunmi.. please.." she said repeatedly and I can see her tears falling. I sat in her bed and tap her.

"L-Lisa.. wake up.. you're having a bad dream.." I said and shake her.

It didn't take long for her to wake up but as soon as I saw her eyes.. I saw sadness..

"J-Jennie.." she said.

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