Chapter 11:Rong Tian

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Who am I? I see,it seems that you actually want to play....

The man grinned,musing suggestive undertones.

"I'm asking you again,who are you? How dare you barge inside?" Are you looking for death"

Xu feng retorted. He doesn't really like this kind of aggressive fellow.

The man look at him intently,seemingly bemused by his angry reaction.

My dear Li er ,I quite like playing,but your reaction doesn't amuse me at all

Showing a slight frown,as if telling Xu Feng that he is really disappointed.

"I don't have time to play games with you. Please leave."

His irritation reach a new level. This man is clearly playing with him. How unfortunate, Xu Feng isn't interested playing with him at all!

"Don't be like that. We even meet here! Don't you think its fate?"

The man remained unfazed.

Fate? You deliberately stop my carriage! Throwing furious glare at the man,Xu Feng was determined to make this man leave.

"Please leave."

Hoping the man would finally leave,Xu Feng showed his intentions. Raising his arm,he pointed at the exit,his eyes glinting. His usual poker face slips, showing his innermost annoyance.

To his dismay,the man simply smiled. Suddenly,rough hands captured his hand, pulling him towards the other's bosom. Caught off guard, Xu Feng felt force on his hands,his face fell flat on the man's bosom. Body heat radiated through his face, making him more dumbstruck.

Xu Feng was both confused and horrified. To his annoyance,an irritating chuckle resounded in his ears.

This rascal. Xu Feng hasn't recovered yet,when his hair was pulled,making his head tilt upwards.

Suddenly, a handsome face peered closely to his face. Two deep black eyes interlock with his. Heated breath's invaded his senses.

Surely, you couldn't have forgotten about me?

Xu Feng ignored him, his attention fixed at his current situation.

His body leaned on the man's bosom,while his right hand securely captured and placed on his back.

Despite being in the same age, his built is a lot sturdier and taller than Xu Feng,who had a slender and softer appearance. This striking gap puts him in complete a disadvantage ,he was envious of man's physical aspect.

His compromising position and frustration incurred wrath upon him.
His face turned red due to anger.

Releasing his inner qi,Xu Feng pushes the man, struggling to get his hand back. Surprised by his action,the man release his hand, stumbling slightly.

Xu Feng quickly grab his sword, touching it's hilt. However,the man was quicker than him, gripping his hand until he drops the sword.

A battle of strength between a pill maker and martial cultivator, the difference is clear cut. The man's obvious victory annoyed Xu Feng
Red marks started to appeared to his hand.

Fine,don't get mad. I'm sad,you actually forgot my name.

The man tried to coax him, looking like he was coaxing a feisty cat.

Your face is red,shy?

Narrowing their distance, Xu Feng's back hit the carriage's wall.

I am Rong Tian. Don't you dare forget that,or I'll get mad.

A rough hand grab his chin, fixing his gaze towards the man. Malicious grin pasted on his face.

Before he could yell at the rude intruder, Rong Tian vanish into thin air,leaving the annoyed Xu Feng cursing through his breath.

That mountain bandit! He gritted his teeth,swearing to stab that man if he saw him again.

"Shifu", Shao Hei's voice brought Xu Feng back into reality. His disciple left the moment that man entered, abandoning his shifu.

Tch. Child,its good that you didn't see your shifu's shameful appearance!
Xu Feng was both happy and mad at the same time. This disciple of his left him to be alone with that rascal.

Xu Feng recited the chant. The carriage resumed its previous movement,heading towards the elder's assembly.

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