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Cultivators are the so called immortal.
So usually,most of them would age from 100 to thousand of years.

However,they could also be killed by fellow cultivators or demonic beast.
They only attain longevity,youth, strength and awaken their abilities.

Each cultivators have roots which is in line with a specific element.

People possessing ice have water roots,but uses different cultivation method to turn it into ice.

Evil cultivators have dark method.... And black roots

Elders or the peak master have palace that they reside in. Usually,they are rank according to age,but cases like Tang Xuan is also possible if an elder directly appoints his successor.

The 12 elders:

1st elder:Zhang An-***
2nd elder:Yuan Pei-900 years
3rd elder:Feng Li- 500 years
4th elder:Shen Lou-489 years
5th elder: Du Ming-400 years
6th elder:Qi Shu-350 years
7th elder: Chen Zhen-200 years
8th elder:Feng Mi-200 years
9th elder: Yang Yang-180 years
10th elder: Lan Zhi- 150 years
11th elder:Quan Yui-100 years
12th elder:Tang Xue- 50 years(special case)

Feng Li Hao:genuine 27 years.....he really is young,so many elders don't respect him. His father just recently went into seclusion,leaving the young Feng Li Hao with big burdens. Luckily,Feng Li acts as his guardian(though its the other way around)

Lin Chengze:10 years (>^<)(he appears smaller coz he is malnourish before)
Rong Tian: 501 years
Xu Feng: 28 years old

Tang Xue was already an inner disciple when the young Feng Li Hao became a core disciples. It took him years to became an inner disciple,and so he deeply resented Feng Li Hao,and proclaims to be his rival.

The original Xu Feng is 28. So technically,the protagonist and Mr. Love rival is younger than him,hence his calling them "kid" or "child" or "brat".

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