Chapter 13: Teaching a lesson

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Everyone was stunned,especially Chen Zhen who slumped in his sit,pain piercing his face. No physical harm was done,but his soul was injured.


Another slap landed on his cheeks. This time,his face was swollen. His previous glaring was gone,feeling the pain in his face.

His disciple Lou Bai tried to rescue him, standing beside his master. Instead of helping Chen Zhen, the fan also hit his face,this time throwing him back into his sits,crouching.

You dare hit my-

Another slap,this time to his left cheeks. Chen Zhen was stunned.
He was slap three times,making his face purple. His white robes died in red, completely smearing his dignified look.

Everyone was caught surprise. Chen Zhen could had easily dodge that,or the damage won't be that "visible".The result was the other way. He should be able to suppressed third elder,who was a pill maker. Normally,martial cultivators who specializes in sword play and body strengthening could easily beat pill maker who studies alchemy,focusing on refining of magical pill and treasure, highly skilled,yet weaker than martial cultivators. And Feng Li is only average.

Quite the opposite.

The hailed martial prodigy who posses strong roots was slap until his face became disfigured.

Humiliated,Chen Zhen bravely face Xu Feng. He had never been insulted like this before. He was about to unsheathed his sword when Xu Feng's paper fan turned into butterflies, encircling Chen Zhen.

Light forms,then into white flames,quickly engulfing Chen Zhen's robes,scorching his skin and to his soul.

The female disciples screamed in fear,as the respected 7th elder burned from his sit.

Xu Feng watched him in silent delight.

Stop! Martial uncle,spare him!
This might implicate you in the future!

As the sect leader,Feng Li Hao was the first one to calm everyone. He couldn't afford to cause panic now,and it was cause by Third elder himself.

Xu Feng stared at him,as if asking him why he should stop. With a flick of his finger, the fire vanish,leaving the burnt Chen Zhen.

My apologies,I only intended to disfigure your face. However,you attack me,so my action was merely self defence.

Giving a half ass apology,Xu Feng glance at him coldly, before flashing a charming smile.

Everyone observe his every movement,cautiously fixing their positions.

The elders who showed their dislike felt cold chills. Cold sweat formed from their head,while the scared disciples scrambled in their sits.

Third elder is terrifying! Getting stab by Fourth elder is better than getting scorched to death! Everyone screamed inwardly.

Xu Feng obediently went back to his seat, finally satisfied after venting his stress. Giving Feng Li Hao some face is only proper, he couldn't act rudely in front of the sect leader. Besides,he is Xu Feng's favorite,so its fine.

The elders wear gloomy looks,no one dared to say anything,fearing to get slap next. Du Ming creased his brows in confusion. While Zhang An finally showed some concern.

Shen Lou give his friend an approving look,grinning happily. He finally loosen his grip with his sword, murderous aura slowly dissipating.
Although he was sad he couldn't stab that Chen Zhen, at least the bastard was turned into a human coal.

Luo Bai nervously supported his burnt master,giving him pills before leaving the hall. Their figure disappearing.

Feng Li Hao: 7th elder will be punish for disrespecting his senior,he will sent to the dark forest for ten years.

No one dared to reject, fearing the cold stare of Feng Li. The sect leader's word is right,so they don't dare to ask further.

Good,so they needed to be beaten first. Xu Feng thought, not even bothered by his action.

Feng Li Hao secretly casted him a faint smile, proud by his uncle. He wouldn't dare to punish his uncle.

In case you ask, the original Feng Li is considered average, so everyone belittles him. However, after Xu Feng replace him,his strength became unknown.

Xu Feng was originally a reader,a higher order being,so his soul force is unknown.

Cultivators power lies with the talent of their soul,and their cultivation method.

Martial cultivators mainly uses sword,they could also use elemental skills. Hence their stronger than pill makers.

Pill makers were alchemist. Their focus is on refining pills.

Pills were crucial to every cultivators,as a single pill could help martial  cultivators skipped a stage( like from early stage to peak stage)/without facing a bottleneck(with causes a cultivators' ability to break through into the next stage)

That's why dao companionship between pill makers and martial cultivator is considered normal. As the martial cultivators' provides protection while pill makers refine pills for them.

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