Chapter 17: Second Female Lead

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Three months later the Yuan Ying palace finally receive an invitation letter for the Immortal Congress.

Bringing Nan Li, Su Jie, Shao Hei and Lin Chengze, the Yuan Ying peak representatives set out to challenge the other peaks.

Xu Feng look exceptionally excited, quite the opposite of his usual poker face. While his disciples wears myriad expressions on their faces. Nan Li was equally happy, Su Jie lost all his facial colour, Shao Hei pissed as hell for unknown reasons and Lin Chengze; who was bemused by his master's unusual light mood.

They meet up with Phoenix peak disciples. Their cyan robes flowing like spring leaves; creating a beautiful scenery. However, these same young men carries long swords, bigger than their heights.

Compared to Yuan ying disciples who have funny expressions, Phoenix peak disciples have a single expression; fierce. Definitely not a face befitting of their youthful faces.

Xu Feng softly chuckled at the weird sight. Back up by Shen Lou's equally murderous aura, his disciples look like a line up of soldiers preparing to enter the front lines of battlefield.

"Greetings to Third elder "

The disciples saluted Xu Feng, cupping their fist in unison. Xu Feng nodded at them.

"Greetings to Fourth elder"

Likewise, Yuan ying disciples cupped their fist in salute for Shen Lou.

"I see, so you've chosen your eldest ones ", eyeing each one them, Su Jie shrink at the back, afraid of Shen Lou's gaze. His eye landed on Lin Chengze, who seemed out of place with his small figure amidst his seniors. To his surprise, the little one remained unfazed.

"These are my disciples; An Chen, you know him already, Bao Xian and Yu Wei", their master introduced them, each bowing slightly to show respect.

Xu Feng nodded in acknowledgement.
As expected of the Phoenix peak, each disciples are quite formidable. An Chen, contrary to his cheerful personality, is already a late stage jindan practioner. While the other two are both early jindan stage.

Living up to expectation huh?, Xu Feng thought, admiring the disciples' dedication in cultivation. (Despite having a relatively lazy master).

Sighing, Xu Feng fell short in terms of cultivating speed. His disciples are quite lax in cultivating; having a pill maker "only" mindset, with the exception of his eldest and youngest. Though the protagonist is a different matter, being the protagonist himself, he had perks than others.(a.k.a golden finger)

"Shifu, I won't lose to them"

A slight tug on his sleeve, Xu Feng met the little ones' gaze, chuckling at the protagonist's serious tone.

"You're not even a contestant"

Patting the silly protagonist, Xu Feng could only laugh. "Then its fine if I replace one of them",Lin Chengze murmured, before running off with his seniors.

The silly reader could only follow his trail, chills running down his spine. Replace?, protagonist, don't go killing your shixiong! Xu Feng sweat drop, as he process what his little disciple whispered moments ago.

Thus their journey towards the Dragon Mountain starts.

The current Immortal Congress will be held at the Dragon Mountain, which appears every 500 years. This year is lucky enough to coincide with its appearance. Having a large open field in the heart of the mountain, the magical beast were usually hiding, while the mysterious mist protects the area, hard to bypass. Only the middle part and the lower part were accessible to cultivators.

The Dragon Mountain, like its name suggest, is the home of great dragons. Though their exact residence is unknown. These mythical beast believe to be the guardians of the mountain, protecting its treasure. Though dragons exist, they are rarely seen, only a handful of lucky ones managed to see one and even become its contractor. Dragons are the rarest of the known magical beast to cultivators, usually ranging from level 11 which is the youngest(eggs) and the heavenly ones, who could transform to humans (of course).

For cultivators, its worth killing for a dragon's egg, so its secretive to posses one. Since no one had yet to prove their existence, they are considered mythical, knowing only that 3 were once contracted to god level cultivators during the first generation.

As a reader, Xu Feng knew they existed and where they exactly resided.(of course) The protagonist happen to posses one in the novel. It was his lucky prize for winning the Immortal Congress ten years later.

As their group arrived at the vicinity, a crowd of cultivators fill the mountain's foot.

A sea of young people.

Their own group mingled with the crowd, instantly getting everyone's attention. Xu Feng felt pressure, overwhelmed by the scrutinizing gaze on them.

Luckily, his lazy friend Shen Lou exudes an equally scary aura, making everyone retract their unwanted attention. Xu Feng let out a ghastful sigh, distress by their current situation.

Well, he knew exactly the reason for this commotion. It was his action to be precise. Perhaps, those coward elders trained their disciples beforehand, probably planning to retaliate at them during the event.

He isn't afraid, he's just peeved and felt it would lead to unnecessary results. Plus it will be troublesome for Feng Li Hao later on.

"Let those cowards be, just instruct your disciples to beat them into a pulp then toss their useless body at their beloved masters' faces. That will shut them up", his kind friend's genuine advice.

What kind of bloody logic is that?, Xu Feng wanted to retort, but decided to choke it down. Either way, his hopes to beat them is near 50/50, considering his disciples ability. They were pill makers in any case. So probably just a support for Phoenix peak. Though Lin Chengze might had a chance, but it will be 10 years later. He shouldn't rush it.

Near them were his disciple Lin Chengze and Shao Hei, currently trapped by a group of girls, laughing loudly. Their jade faces drew everyone's attention, especially the men. The little protagonist looking particularly annoyed while Shao Hei look unconcerned.

They were still listening to An Chen's chatter, when the two of them intentionally slowed down their pace to avoid the chatter box. Unfortunately, they managed to attract the attention of these girls who surrounded them. Lin Chengze being a cute little jade and his shixiong being the striking young master.

As much as Lin Chengze wanted to murder them on the spot, he still hope his shixiong to do something. But alas, he should had expected that this unconcerned bastard will always be, unconcerned. His waiting lead to this, where he had to suffocate on women's perfume and incense.

Now counting the possibility of him killing his shixiong first before these girls, he was suddenly stop by a girl's voice.

"You dare lust after my brother?!, leave him be, you ugly whores!"

A girl's voice shut the young ladies up. Appearing before them was a young girl in twin buns, her small jade face held a striking resemblance to Shao Hei.


Shao Hei spouted, his deadpan voice irking the fair beauty. Her pink robes flutter, like butterflies.


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