Chapter 18: Immortal Congress

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Her pink robes flutter, adding grace to her beauty. That said girl approach Shao Hei, sweeping away the girls surrounding the two damsel.

The girls' shriek grab everyone's attention. Now the crowd have come to gossip at the commotion.

"You insolent fool!, you dare treat us like this?!", the eldest of the female disciple shouted angrily. Her eyes turning red due to anger, she and her follower now ganging up on the twin buns girl, who just stand there watching her little drama.

" hump!!!,it is you who was insolent! You dare lay your hands on my brother!? Surely, rats these days do not know their own kind!", the girl scoff, belittling the angry senior.

"Bah! This girl wanted to die today!", the senior shouted. The girls nodded in agreement, forming a circle around the younger girl.

The senior move her hand in a circular motion while her lips mumbling chants. The air began to cool down as light dews forms on the grass below them. The grass grew longer before snapping and entrapping the younger girl. Her limbs and arms tightly bounded, as red marks mar her jade skin. The seniors sneered at her, now preparing to launch another attack.

However, the younger remained motionless, looking down on her bounded limbs. " Earth root? Your weak", she scoffs, tearing the grass in one sweeping move. "This is how you use Bounding Grass!", she shouted, as the same grass below them grew, attacking the seniors. Compared to their attack, her assault were much ruthless.

Their bounded limbs tear their skins, wounds forming in a circle. The girls shouted in pain, their arms numbing and losing strength. " Here I thought that Maple peak disciples were quite formidable. Turns out your just a bunch of monkeys in heat", she sneered, now laughing at the girls.

Manipulating the grass, she tightened the bind, making the girls scream in agony before falling to the ground. Their blood stained robes grimaced the audience. Laughing maniacally, her pink robes fluttered, reminding everyone of a butterfly, except that she's quite poisonous. "Now you stay there or I'll bury you for good", she warned them before turning her attention to her brother.

" You shouldn't assault other contestants before the event. Its against the rules "

Shao Hei reminded her, his eyes casual as ever. Lin Chengze watched in the sideline, mentally chiding Shao Hei for being save by a girl. "Brother, its self defense", giggling, she snake her arm around Shao Hei acting like a spoiled girl." I was mad at them. They dared to touch you!" She pouted."Shao Xieruo, your old enough so stop acting like this",Shao Hei remained casual.

Shao Xieruo, being a young miss of the Shao clan and a hailed prodigy made her an arrogant and spoiled girl with violent tendencies. Being the only girl on her peak, she was treated like a princess making her even more conceited. Having a peculiar obsession towards her brother, she would go wild when someone approach him.

"Brother, is this your shidi?", shifting her attention, she pointed at the silent Lin Chengze. " En. His quite impassive and violent like you", Shao Hei confirmed even mentioning his shidi's greatest flaw. Lin Chengze frowned, ignoring the obvious teasing.

Not far from them were the Phoenix and Yuan ying disciples who finally approach them after the commotion. An Chen cried dramatically, clinging to Shao Hei. The annoyed Shao Xieruo promptly pulled her brother, glaring daggers at the taller man.

Seeing this, An Chen tried to grab back Shao Hei but was interrupted by Shao Xieruo. Annoyed, An Chen refused to give up but was stop by Shao Xieruo repeatedly. The two spend an hour shifting back and forth.

"Brother, who is this ugly mutt!?", exhausted, Shao Xiruo asked throwing a disgusted eye roll to An Chen. " I am Phoenix Peak head disciple, An Chen. A pleasure to meet a beauty like you", An Chen answered instead, biting his words. The sarcasm blighted Shao Xieruo's ear, making her grit her teeth.

For the ever friendly and cheerful An Chen, its the first time he met someone so disagreeable. Likewise, Shao Xieruo felt particularly annoyed despite An Chen being a boy. She felt uneasy seeing him being clingy to her brother.

The other disciples watched as the two kill each with deadly glares. While the cause of it never said a word. Nan Li laughed, obviously amused by the childish banter.

"Oh ho! If isn't Yuan Ying disciples! You sure are brave coming here!"

Suddenly, a familiar voice broke their merry mood. Approaching them were none other Lou Bai. Him and his juniors stand in line, blocking everyone. An Chen shifted his attention, sneering at the arrogant guy.

"Oh, you still had a face? Here I thought master Feng Li completely disfigured it. Seems like pills still works on you."

An Chen softly chuckled making everyone snicker. Hearing this, Lou Bai turned red, obviously furious by the insult. Before he could lash at the laughing An Chen, his junior stops him."No need. Well just repay them at tomorrow's match", his junior appease him while patting his back.

An Chen narrowed his eyes, as if mocking him. Now even Shao Xierou and Shao Hei were focused on them.

"Indeed. We could just talk this out at the match"

Amongst the crowd, someone added, joining them. A tall man clad in blue with haughty air were followed by men in blue robes. His handsome visage made the female disciples squeal admiration. His ravine hair complimented his deep amber eyes, glinting at the Phoenix peak disciples.

"Senior Jiangxi!" Nan Li exclaimed, recognizing the man. The man smiled at her, making her blush a little. Bai Xun creased his brows in disgust.

"I see. So the Peony peak and Lotus peak have joined forces. Two peaks huh?"

Bai Xun scoffed.

"Nope. Make it three"

A woman joined. She was the Maple peak head disciple from earlier. Shao Xierou raise her brows, smirking. "I'll butcher that conceited girl!" She screamed venting out her pent up anger at the smiling Shao Xierou.
Her juniors followed their shijie, still covered in wounds and bruises.


Zhang An shouted making everyone quiet. He was arranging the arrays awhile ago when he sees the crowd.
Immediately, the disciples cupped their fist in respect before dispersing, afraid of being reprimanded.

Nan Li lead her group back to their place, where her master and Shen Lou sat in silence.

Now noticing them, Xu Feng gestured them to settle down. However, his attention landed on the girl beside Shao Hei.

A girl in twin buns wearing all pink and purple jade pin.

The second female lead!

He thought, fully fixated on her. His eyes sparkle while his mouth twitched in excitement.

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