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Shizun?why are you running?

°^°////......Li Er, why are you slowly backing away?....

Martial uncle, why are you hiding your presence?....

Feng Li bash his head on the wall . What the heck is happening?..
His supposed to be low key .His supposed to enjoy his life in seclusion,slowly erasing his presence from the outside world ,but how could he do it now?Some shitty brats are chasing him!!!!!.even his psychotic child hood friend have joined !!!

How did it even come to this?

As Feng Li question's his sanity,
A certain trio are thinking of plans to capture a certain conceited cultivation master,who thought he has fully become a background character.

Shizun,you definitely belongs to me!

Li Er,why are you so cold, we even grow up together, is that how you treat your childhood sweetheart?

Martial Uncle,if you look for a companion,please inform me first(sharpens sword)...were family after all.....

Xu Feng ....*facepalm.....
I wanna go home....I'm sorry author-san........your work is actually the best!!!!!..||||

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