Chapter 12: Elders' meeting

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Xu Feng arrived at the Tianshen Hall half an hour later.

The spacious hall,which spans for kilometers,had a simple yet elegant decoration. White jades adorned the walls and ceilings. Maple leafs engraved on pillars,supporting the hall.

Men wearing white robes sat solemnly on a sits in each side.

Each looks like men in mid age. Their white robes settled properly while young men and women sat behind them. Familiar blue,cyan,green and pink robes. Disciples of righteous path was divided in three: Blue robes for succeeding disciples; Cyan robes for inner disciples; Green robes for outer disciples, commonly servants on rich cultivators which were allowed to cultivate. While pink robes are solely for female disciples,often wearing colored jade pins to signify their status.

Those men in white robes must be the elders,or the peak masters. One of a them was Shen Lou,who gestured Xu Feng to sit beside him.

Xu Feng sat beside him, followed by Shao Hei behind him.

Various symbols signify each elders. Him having moon as his emblem,Phoenix for Shen Lou and Maple Leaf for the oldest elder.

Sitting in the middle,Feng Li Hao was busy observing his martial uncle.

Seeing everyone on their sits,(with the exception of the second elder,which was Feng Li's master).

Suddenly,an insulting scoff broke the silence. All eyes fell on the man wearing Peony emblem on his white robes.

Tang Xue,who just recently replace his master, smugly bore his eyes towards Feng Li Hao. He and Feng Li Hao had been rivals, so he felt especially envious after the latter become sect master, while he only become a peak master recently. And he was the 12th elder,not having any power towards his seniors,even considered young to be an elder. Resentment immediately surrounded him, his master only appointed him after he faced a bottleneck,which leads him to seclusion.

Tang Xue: Sect Leader,are we holding the meeting,or you only came here to bore holes to your uncle?

Feng Li Hao, being a good natured fellow,only spared him a tolerant glance,then regain his composure.

Tang Xue felt nausea by Feng Li Hao's reaction. Still playing the goody two shoes?

Feng Li Hao: Today, I would like to ask each of you elders to participate in protecting our sect. Recently, evil cultivators began to increase,spreading malice and demonic beast.

The hall became noisy. Most peak master never bothered on this issues,having a secure place in mountains. However,their disciples need this in order to hone their combat skills.

Feng Li Hao: Recently, the demonic beasts which plagued the non cultivators had already been slain by Third elder. However,more beast might assault us.

The noise became  louder. Elders only frowns while the disciples exclaimed in disbeliefs.

"Isn't third elder a pill maker?,so even them could kill such beast?",  an inner disciple whispered.

Chen Zhen: That pretty vase?

A rude question popped up. Xu Feng creased his brows,clearly insulted. Shen Lou on the other hand is grabbing his sword's hilt,intending to stab that bastard Chen Zhen.

Despite being a pill maker,Feng Li is considered a high ranking elder,being the third elder. Still, that bastard,who was merely a 7th rank elder rudely dismiss Feng Li. Brat! You were only a snotting 200 year old bastard,while Feng Li is already 500!,he held seniority after his master! Shen Lou threw him a murderous look,intending to kill this slandering bastard.

If not for Xu Feng's stopping him,a blood bath would ensue. Shen Lou was a lazy man,but a loyal friend. Being core building martial cultivator,he was already in peak stage. Shredding that Chen Zhen into pieces was easy. He had known Feng Li for 200 years, that pill maker was considerably aloof,but still agrees to his request. So as a martial cultivator,he wouldn't allow shallow pigheads like Chen Zhen to slander him.

The disciples shrink in their sits. Why is fourth elder so fierce ah! Usually he just laze around,to think he would flip like this!!

Du Ming: Chen Zhen,you dare rudely points at your senior?!

The most clear headed one;Fifth elder Du Ming scolded him. However,this idiot Chen Zhen wanted to become a canon fodder so much.

Chen Zhen: Fifth elder,I'm only asking. Third elder was a pill maker,and second elder only fancied him because of his looks. Of course,I'd doubt his ability. Perhaps,someone else killed that beast,then Fourth elder mistook the assailant as Feng Li. That's possible.

Some elders nodded in agreement,those who have deep resentment towards  Feng Li.

Only Fifth elder showed disapproval. 1st elder remained transparent,while Shen Lou firmly holds his sword.

His disciple,An Chen looks terrified. Once his master gets mad,he would enter berserk mode.

To everyone's surprise,the usually cold Feng Li stand up and approach Chen Zhen.

Chen Zhen smirk,waiting for Feng Li's action. Before he could speak, a fan hit his face. It was a paperfan,yet he vomited blood.

Shall I disfigure your face? Cause you seems to be pretty particular about my face.

Smiling coldly, in contrast to his charming smile was a murderous glint showing in his eyes.

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