Chapter 3:A first.

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Waking up as a beauty definitely is the greatest thing to occur to an individual. However, Xu Feng felt the opposite.

What kind of sorcery is this? Pondering his thoughts, he find no answer.

"Martial Uncle!!!, I'm glad, you've finally woken up"! Hearing a man's voice, Xu Feng  look at the source.

A handsome man with distinct phoenix eyes. He was wearing a cyan robes, embroidered by peonies. To his waist hung a silver sword.

Xu Feng was dumbfounded. Wtf?!
Why is the legendary love rival here?

This is strange. Isn't that Feng Li Hao?!
The youngest peak master of Tianshen  sect. The prodigy who was unrivalled? (Well not until the protagonist gain his golden finger). Why is Mr. Love rival here?, the female lead hasn't appeared yet!!!...Wait! That's not it.
What the heck?!

This is beyond Xu Feng's comprehension . Analyzing the whole situation, everything is strangely similar to his favorite novel. That's weird, so I didn't get plastic surgery...

I transmigrated!!!

Xu Feng was excited at that thought. Does it mean I could see the whole plot at first hand!? Xu feng felt excitement.
*cough ......" Martial Uncle",turning around, Xu feng was embarrassed. I must've look weird to them. Correcting his act,he  started to act his part.
Posing a false imposing aura, he straighten his robes.

"There is no need for your concern. I'm grateful for your treatment. Yuan Ying Palace will surely remember your kindness" with a PokerFace,Xu Feng imitate his character's attitude .If he's not mistaken, this is the right attitude of a Palace Master. Judging from his appearance ,he must have transmigrated to Feng Li, the third elder of Tianshen Sect.

Feng Li is a pill cultivator and also the temporary master of the protagonist before he mastered the Heaven Shattering Path, from his martial master. There is nothing noteworthy to this Feng Li character,as for he is just another canon fodder. As expected, I really am a canon fodder. This is within his assumption. Most transmigration novels have unfortunate MC's who was transferred to canon fodders. Sighing, he was slightly relieve to have an insignificant character. At least he doesn't need to worry about grave deaths brought by protagonist. This Feng Li character appeared on the 20th chapter of the Flying Sword. His appearance was short-lived, for the lazy author just put him there to explain the protagonist's gift for pill making aside from his sword mastery. Feng Li died when a devil cultivator release a demonic beast to Tianshen Sect. He was a mere filler to show the atrocity of the demonic beast. He died from its poison.

Sighing, Feng Li was grateful for his fortune. He was just a pretty vase. He doesn't have that much presence in the story. Aside from his short interaction with the protagonist, he only taught him the basics. His relationship with the protagonist was neither hot nor cold. It was a pure master-disciple relationship. Well,isn't that nice,he's not the protagonist's target for revenge.

Still showing an imposing aura he smiled at Feng Li Hao. It was a genuine smile,in contrast to his usual cold demeanor. He kinda like this love rival after all,he's kind and not too whiny like the protagonist. He was his second favorite aside from the female lead.

Feng Li Hao stood frozen. It was the first time that this cold Martial Uncle of his smiled. Usually he would wear his PokerFace. Other times, he would remain silent and completely ignore him. Definitely a first.

With a slight shrug, Xu Feng left him.

"Martial Uncle truly is a beauty".He murmured .Bewitch by his uncle's smile,Feng Li Hao couldn't help but to follow his uncle's movement. Gazing at Feng li's fading figure, he smiled.

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