Chapter 4: Bad luck

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Sitting by the hundred year old jade bed, Xu Feng never felt exhilaration before. At first he was extremely worried. Waking up in a strange land is nerve wracking, even for him. However,after confirming that he is indeed a transmigrated reader, it was quite a blessing. Hey,it was every avid reader's dream! Witnessing the event unfold! He was ecstatic. Xu Feng was determined to play his role as well.

Shifu? A girl's voice interrupted his thoughts. "What is it?", he asked. Seeing her master's usual look, Nan Li was relieve. " Shifu, regarding the peak master Shen Lou's request, how many disciple should this disciple gather?" Nan Li bowed, her pink robes making her look graceful. Shen Lou?request? Xu Feng, once again question his self. This amnesia brought him further inconvenience.

No. Rather than amnesia, he doesn't have any memory at all! This isn't right? Aren't I'm supposed to inherit Feng Li's memories? How come I don't get any recollection at all!He dreaded the situation. Following the usual transmigration stories, MC's gain the body's memories, along with their skills. Hey this is a total dupe! Where's my soul transfer perks? Gritting his teeth, he faced Nan Li.

"Ah, pardon this master. I seem to have forgotten that request. May this master inquire you what was the content of that request", Xu Feng pasted a calm look, cursing inside.
" Replying to shifu, the peak master of  Phoenix peak requested the Yuan Ying palace to patrol the non- cultivator's area on the mountain's foot" Nan Li responded, showing respect. "May this master ask the reason behind this request" Xu Feng ask again. He felt the need to do so. As a reader, he knew the story's plot. According to Flying Sword,  it is not rare for peak master's to request another palace master to patrol their area. Non cultivators often live on the mountain's foot. Since they do not cultivate, they are unable to climb magical mountains, however, this won't stop them from seeking treasures from it.

Usually,protective arrays are place on poles, enveloping the whole area. This prevents demonic beast and low level evil cultivators from spreading malice. Cultivators gain tributes from these non cultivators, so they give them protection in return.

Xu Feng frown. He just came here yesterday, and yet, another insignificant character pushes him a job he doesn't remember taking at all!
Never mind being a newbie on cultivation, his supposed perks of inheriting memories is non existent. How will it be possible for him to take this "patrolling" job?

Patrolling sounds easy, but in cultivation world, its not easy at all!!!
This includes him, fighting evil cultivators, killing nearby demonic beast and purifying malice!!

This predicament isn't nice at all!
I don't know any skills, I don't know how to use talisman and I'm a total noob on sword fighting!!Xu Feng, for the first time ,curse at his fate. His early celebration is a total fluke.

He was like a cattle waiting for slaughter. His survival isn't as bright as he imagine. Still frowning, his early death is inevitable. "Just gather five disciples, tell them to bring protection talisman and purifying tablets" ,with a flick of his sleeve, he left the room.

This is too much.Xu Feng can't help cursing. Following the plot line, the possibility of facing the two headed demonic snake is high. This demonic beast is especially ruthless. The author even describe it as a poisonous creature. Its venom causes the flesh to instantly rot, giving its victim a painful brutal death. This beast was killed by the protagonist. Of course. This allow him to be recognize by the cultivators. Which is also the reason why he, a mortal, manage to become a disciple without following the usual testing procedures.

Xu Feng's head ache. His heart also ache. With a heavy heart, he took the piled talisman in his room. Scanning his room, he saw a glowing sword. It hang on the rooms center. Adorned by moon emblem, he took it without second thought. This might be "his" sword. Even pill makers carry sword.
Seeing the moon emblem, he traced its shining edge. Xu Feng never held a sword in his entire life. Perhaps he could use this even by simply swinging it.

Wishing his body's instinct would kick in on dangerous situation.Xu Feng let out a heavy sigh. Betting on luck, Xu Feng went on to see his disciples on  the mountain's foot.

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