Chapter 6: Warm hands

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Xu Feng carried his injured disciple in a vacant wood shed. Being attack by a demonic beast, Su Jie was lucky to only obtained minor injuries. His master already apply ointment for the sprain.

While waiting for his disciples, Xu Feng replace the protective talisman on the knock down poles. While doing so, a black figure peeking from one of the house. Creeping from the window, it observed the cultivator placing talisman to a pole. Xu Feng senses his presence,but pretended not to notice. Waiting for its action,he was observing the figure's movement.

Seeing the man still busy with his work, the black figure move. Slowly, a small figure was peeking on the house door. It was a kid. Xu Feng's attention shifted,looking at the kid,he was relived. At first,he feared that it was another beast.

Xu Feng stop his work,and was walking to the child. Perhaps he is a survivor.
"Child,where are your parents?"
"Child,may I know your name?"

Hearing no response,Xu Feng sweated. Do I sound like a shady old man? "Child,are there any other survivor here?" The kid shake his head. Sigh. "Everyone left. My mom told me I should guard the house" the kid continued,his eyes cold,without emotion.

Wearing a rag, the kid was thin. His arms and legs painted black and blue from bruises. From the looks of it,it is a definite abuse. He was even talking like a robot,devoid of emotion.

Feeling pity,Xu Feng held the child's cheeks. It was so thin. The child stared back at him. Showing cold emotion,yet a gleam of dream was visible. Cupping the child's hand,

"Child,do you want to become my disciple?"

The kid nodded. Still holding his tiny hand,Xu Feng led him back to the mountain.

A kid lie on the floor. Hunching,he was holding his bruised leg. Silent sniffle coming from him. As he tried to get up, a hand grab his unruly hear,dragging it. He felt pain on his scalp,as small wounds appear on the clump of hair.

You dirtbag!Because of you,my husband won't come home!
You ruined me!

The woman was shouting, tightening her grip on the kid's head. She drag him to a small room.

Countless beating and maltreatment. The kid was already devoid of any emotion. He was numb. No one would save him. Their neighbors turn a deaf ear, avert their eyes on the abuse and seal their lips.

He was hopeless. This deranged woman was his mother. A long time ago, she was a loving mother. She would fed him and tucked him to bed.

But things changed. His father brought a young lady to the house. Thinking it was his relative,my mom welcome her. She was blinded by her belief that her husband won't cheat on her,but it was a lie. That lady was my father's new wife. She was already known to my father's household.

My mother didn't believe her,she lash at the woman. Clawing her skin, my mother had gone insane. Father was furious,he kick mother. Telling her she's insane. Mother accused him,but father only glared at her. Saying she's a tramp,and I was a bastard child from who knows who.

When father left the house, it was the start of my hell. Mother would beat me. She stab me with her hair pin and left me to starve.

I thought it was the end. One  day the whole village went into chaos. There was shouting, and the scared people deserted their houses. My mother was an exception. She lock me in the house,while she guard the shop my father formerly owned.

Hearing my mother's scream, I ignore her. I've long lost my affection for her.
I thought that I should just wait for my death in that forsaken town.

Then he came. A man wearing a white robes. He was placing talismans on poles. Glancing at him,it was the first time I saw someone so beautiful.

We spend time sensing each other's movement. He just remained there,pretending not to see me. I give up, showing myself to him.

At first I thought he would treat me with contempt. But he held my hands,it was warm. As he look into my eyes,I saw pity. Even though it was just pity, I felt something.

That time he ask me if I want to become his disciple, I saw my future .

I decided to follow him. I don't care if he led me into the abyss,as long as I could held to that warmth.

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