Chapter 15: Fury of the little one

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The carriage went into silence.
No one dared to speak, nor think about the suspicious figures surrounding the Tianxin Town.

"No one should disclose this to anyone. I'll report it to master Zhang An and sect leader", Shen Lou reminded them, giving the two disciples stern looks. The two nodded in agreement.

Xu Feng remained silent, the seriousness of this issue is no laughing matter. Still, he couldn't help but wonder where and when such plot existed in the novel.

He knew of the strangers that lives in the Tianxin town, however, they were merely rogue cultivators. Definitely not high level dark cultivators capable of infiltrating well guarded areas like Tianxin.

He needs to investigate it.

Meanwhile, at the Yuan Ying palace, the young cultivators all sat in silence. Cold beads of sweat fell from their foreheads, as they try to focus on their meditation. All pretended to be engrossed with their own activity, their eyes slightly averting at the ugly scene before them.

In the middle, a bruised person hunched in an ugly position, like a newly cook prawn. His usual arrogant master look completely destroyed ,as he try to reach for his sword.

This person is non other than Su Jie, a dignified second disciple of Yuan Ying peak. Being a master of a well known clan, he was arrogant and proud, usually leading the bullying of their newest and youngest disciple, Lin Chengze.

He was still fine and getting his way with abusing the powerless child a few weeks ago, until their master left for the elders meeting. Su Jie, thinking he could do whatever he please during  their shifu's absence, went thorough with his bullying.

Believing the kid won't fight back, he leads the other disciples into the hall, intending to beat up Lin Chengze.

Old disciples held hostility towards the youngest one, being obviously pampered by their master. Hence their abuse increase. Backup by Su Jie,they became fearless.

Parading with his followers, Su Jie wore a haughty look, standing infront of his Xiao shidi. Despite the all too obvious dig, the kid remained impassive, ignoring his shixiong.

Su Jie's smile fades, his brows twitching as he grind s his teeth. This brat clearly ignored him! He,Su Jie, the future head of Su clan?

Seeing the event unfold, the crowd jeered, surrounding the quiet boy. Amidst their loud voices, Lin Chengze frowned, his cold eyes sweeping past Su Jie, then to his followers.

"Shixiong, the hall is spacious. You could practice somewhere else than this small corner of mine"

Lin Chengze  pointed at the centre, not bothered by Su Jie's furious glare.

His irritation increased, Su Jie was even more resolved in teaching this kid manners.

Raising his foot, he kick the boy. To his dismay, the boy caught his foot, before pulling him and tossing him in front of his followers. Stunned, everyone watch the boy, who was small and delicate can easily toss someone bigger than him.

Su Jie grimaced as his back hit the cold floor, his sore body failing to support his frame. He was caught off guard losing his balance. Seeing the crowd's piercing eyes, he felt pathetic.

He tried to get up, only to to be stump on his back, the impact made him fell flat on the floor. Now not only his body is sore, his face hit the floor, a red swelling forming on his cheek.

He was about to yell at the impolite boy before his face met a hard foot.
His face swell, pain stabs his injured cheek.

Series of blows hit Su Jie's body, unable to defend his self.

The beating starts. However its not the intended target who got beaten black and blue,rather it was the ring leader.

The crowd watched, their early jeering swallowed back into their throat. Su Jie's followers watched with helpless eyes, their terrified gaze fell on Lin Chengze, who mercilessly kicked his shixiong as if he wants to kill him.

Lin Chengze continued to beat his shixiong,venting his anger for his shifu who deliberately ran away to avoid him. His mind was muddled ever since his shifu left, his frustration unable to suppress. He lost his focus, as he kept on thinking why his master left without notifying him. He even brought Shao Hei, that unconcerned bastard instead of him.

Lin Chengze bowed to remember this farce in the future.

Three days later, Xu Feng and Shao Hei finally arrived at the Yuan Ying Palace.

Upon seeing them, the disciples cried in joy, dragging Shao Hei and Xu Feng inside. Everyone was relieved, their eyes clouded with tears.

Seeing this, Xu Feng suddenly felt a foreboding feeling, sensing unknown dread.

That same moment, his little disciple appeared before him, smiling happily like an innocent child. However,his eyes isn't delighted at all.

"Shifu,welcome back"

Lin Chengze greeted him, flashing that smile with unconcealed anger.

Xu Feng met his stares, mentally preparing escape plans.

It seems that I can't leave unscathed after all.

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