The Black-bellied Reader Realizes That Karma Is A B*tch

The Black-bellied Reader Realizes That Karma Is A B*tch

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Lazy_Ariku By Lazy_Ariku Updated Aug 11

Xu feng,just like your average reader .He loves to read novel,especially stallion ones that contains very graphic content.Well he's pretty normal,except that he's a rather nasty one.Aside from stalking he's favorite author,he would attack them with countless criticism...

Unbeknownst to him,another reader got fed up with his antics and decided to make him taste his own medicine.

Before he knew it,he transmigrated to that novel he diss last night.

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I remember the bl novel 'the protagonist and the reader must be in true love' after reading the description!!!
I would use : instead of , when a character is speaking. It would make reading it a little better.
                              Martial Uncle: "Why are you hiding your presence?..."
YueMiking YueMiking 6 days ago
                              That picture...
                              That dude that has an intense hate for dirty things in that yaoi manga!