Chapter 16: Uncompromising Promise

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Lin Chengze approach his shifu, still beaming an eerie smile. He really look like a harmless child but the aura he exude is dangerous.

Xu Feng slowly retreated, backing away in case the protagonist really murder him. Even him was slightly guilty for running away.

It seems that his plan to lessen the protagonist's attention to him backfired. Instead of decreasing, his little disciple might become even more determined in expressing his intentions. To make it worse, he unconsciously provoke the protagonist.

Xu Feng was 100% sure he wouldn't like whatever decision the protagonist had made during his absence.

"Shifu, if you travel again, please  bring me instead of shixiong Shao Hei"

Unexpectedly, Lin Chengze sounded calm, although his eyes is saying otherwise. If other people heard it, they might think it was just a kid asking for a childish request, but for Xu Feng, it definitely sounded like a warning.

"Yes,shifu will bring you next time"

Xu Feng tried to coax the protagonist,wishing to diminish the death flags ahead of him.

Contrary to what the oblivious reader presumes, Lin Chengze was actually planting a different flag. Though he was aware he couldn't coerce his master now.

"Here, a good luck bell."

Taking out the black box, Xu Feng gifted his disciple. Although it might look like some cheap bargain to coax the protagonist. The black box contained  glowing bells. Xu Feng bought it on a whim and was shamelessly using it to avert Lin Chengze's attention.

As he expected, his little disciple like it. Lin Chengze gently touch its smooth surface, admiring its brilliance.

"This disciple like it"

Satisfied, Lin Chengze finally left, clutching the bells in his palm. Xu Feng was relieved, giving his disciple a tolerant look. Still a child; he  thought, forgetting that he was intimidated by that same child awhile ago.

Unbeknownst to him, that child is currently  processing thoughts very unlikely for someone his age.

With the arrival of its master,  Yuan Ying palace resumes its activity. Disciples who became lax with their training were punish, doubling their rigorous training. That includes Su Jie and his lackeys, who were sent to meditate in frozen cave  for a month.

During Xu Feng's absence, Nan Li diligently guided her fellow disciples, fulfilling her duties as the head disciple.

She even managed to reach late stage in core building. Aside from the head disciple, Lin Chengze had a breakthrough with his cultivation; reaching the peak stage of enlightenment. Seeing this ,Xu Feng  was delighted.

This was a crucial period after all. Being a reader, Xu Feng knew of the upcoming event next month; The Immortal Congress.

The Immortal Congress was an event held by Tianshen sect every 10 years. Each peak masters will have 3 disciples to represent their peak.

Representative disciple of each peak were selected by a lottery and do a mock battle to test their wits, ability and the progress of cultivation. Which make it Xu Feng's favorite part of the novel.

Although it is a mock battle, the winner would be given a magical beast as a prize. Magical beasts provides protection and amplifies magical properties, so cultivators sought them.

Aside from the prize, winners of the immortal Congress were recognized, so every disciples would take risks in order to defeat their opponent. It is also considered as a very dangerous event for young cultivators, since their opponent might inflict fatal injuries; which might damage their core. Hence every peak masters would only select disciples who were in core building stage to participate.

Yuan Ying palace had exactly three disciples in core building stage; Nan Li in late stage, Shao Hei in mid stage and surprisingly, Su Jie who just recently reach early stage after his breakthrough during  his stay in the frozen cave.

These three disciples were the selected representatives of Yuan Ying peak, with the addition of Lin Chengze. (Who deviously "persuaded" his master to bring him)


At the same time in Phoenix Palace, the representative disciples were currently busy with other issues.

Unlike the Yuan Ying peak disciples, who were undergoing rigorous training, the Phoenix peak disciples were doing a lottery instead.

Two weeks ago, their master Shen Lou, just casually gave them a side job aside from winning the immortal congress. It was to provide protection for Yuan Ying peak disciples.

This might sound odd for cultivators who were competitive in nature; but for the fierce disciples of Phoenix peak, as long as it was their master's command, they'd gladly do it.

Thus they held a lottery to determine which pill maker to accompany.

Immediately after that, the energetic An Chen run to Yuan Ying place to pester his new "friend", Shao Hei.

Shao Hei almost kick him when he came running, who stumble after being drag unwillingly to the pavilion.

" I chose you"

An Chen excited informed Shao Hei, who were left breathless after being drag by an idiotic energetic disciple.

Frowning, Shao Hei fixed his clothes. "For what?"

"Shifu said we need to protect you guys, so da shixiong held a lottery. But don't get mad, I chose you willingly"

After saying these, An Chen run back to his peak, leaving the confused Shao Hei by himself.

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