Chapter 8: Rival

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The master and disciple lived their days in harmony. Xu Feng continues to teach Lin Chengze,while the latter showed fast improvements.

Seeing these changes, Xu Feng decided to enhance Lin Chengze's training. The mountain on which Yuanying palace resides in is known for its abundant energy,suitable for cultivation of qi.

That morning, upon his master's instruction, Lin Chengze followed his shixiongs to meditate in the training hall. Maintaining a lotus position, Lin Chengze gathered the surrounding qi. For a child only starting his cultivation,it is truly excellent to enter his first qi stage after two days of meditation.

Xu Feng nodded in approval. Truly worthy of being the protagonist. His fellow disciples are all left in awe,finally accepting that their master have great eyes. Only Su Jie was left with ugly bitterness.

News travels fast. While the whole Yuanying palace forgot the whole incident,the Tianshen sect was in uproar. Recently, a ferocious demonic beast was seen slithering around the sect. The sect even sent core disciples and some peak master to hunt the beast.

Fearing it would attacked nearby areas, the whole sect released hunting notice. Few days have pass,and the beast had yet to be found. Only after peak master Shen Lou reported that it had been slain.

Feng Li Hao was relieved and was about to reward Shen Lou but was surprised at the identity of its assailant. It was his martial uncle Feng Li.

Feng Li was only a pill maker that have average cultivation base. Forget killing a demonic beast,but that beast was a level 7 mutated snake and only martial cultivators in mid stage jindan could kill it.

Shocking as it sounds,it was confirmed by Shen Lou. Despite being a well known lazy peak master,he is still a peak master that resides near  Yuanying Palace and have close relationship with Feng Li.

Picking his sword,Feng Li Hao decided to visit his martial uncle. It was his job as a sect master to affirmed his sect member's achievement and also to check on his uncle. Aside from being the sect master,his father also entrusted him the job of protecting his beloved younger brother while he finds the cure for his poison.

Feng Li Hao still remembered his martial uncle's smile,so while denying the weird feeling he felt that day,.he pass off excuses to pay him a visit. Only now he was given that "excuse".


Upon entering the palace,Feng Li Hao was welcomed by outer disciples and led to the pavilion. Forgetting he's position, Feng Li Hao sat while fidgeting for no known reason.

Fiddling the tea cup,then tracing the tea set. He look like a child lost in his parent's room. He's attendants exchange curious glances.

Cough."Sect master,shall we call palace master Feng Li", a man in green robes inquired. Feng Li Hao snapped from his early childish behavior. Regaining his composure,he shook his head.

Lost in his thoughts,he felt a strange energy coming from the training hall.
Flicking his sleeves,his attendants was left in the room,giving helpless glances.

A young boy in lotus position meditates. A white aura surge from his little body. Upon sensing other presences,he reluctantly open his eyes.

Their eyes lock. Feng Li Hao was met with cold eyes. A strange chill prick his neck.

Arms extending towards the boy,Feng Li Hao was stop by a familiar voice.

" Hao 'er,what brought you here"

A low voice brought him slight excitement. Facing the older man,he's senses numb from sweet sensation. The fragrance of sandalwood and incense left him muddle headed. A familiar jade like person wore his trademark poker face.

"Martial Uncle"

Feng Li Hao would never admit it.

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