Chapter 2: I woke up like this.

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Shifu...Shifu.....Xu Feng heard a childish voice beside him. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw a young girl wearing a pink robe. The girl had braided hair, while a butterfly jade pin adorned her hair. Her peach eyes blossoms as she saw the man open his eyes. Shifu!!!!! ,she beamed...while she straighten her sitting position.

Shifu!!! This disciple is glad...this disciple is truly worried when you suddenly fainted!!!, the girl continued, unaware of the man's confused look.

Shifu? huh?did I hit my head too hard?

Looking at his surrounding, Xu Feng noticed the strange setting. A white canopy ceiling, while moon emblem adorn the whole place. A strange looking table was engraved with unknown writings, while a glowing flower pot was place at the center. A zither was meticulously place above a wooden table,while papers with strange Chinese runes are piled near the zither. The whole place seems to emit a peculiar aura.

Worried by her master's dazed look, the young girl tugged Xu Feng's robes. Shifu, are you still unwell? her peach eyes held concern. Xu Feng snap from his daze state and observed the girl .

Who are you ?Xu Feng asked, totally confused by the whole ordeal.The young girl was shock, her eyes containing pity. Calming herself ,the girl responded,

"Answering to shifu, this disciple's name is Nan Li". She then bowed slightly, and look up at Xu Feng.

Hearing the word shifu ,Xu Feng felt that he had heard that before.No, he had "read" that word before. That's right,it was a title given to masters of cultivation. Remembering it,Xu Feng look at Nan Li. Then to her robes. It is strangely similar to robes worn by disciple cultivators in Flying sword ....thats right!!! I was reading that novel last night!!

Finally recovering his memory, Xu Feng shuddered. That's right,an evil stranger hit his head with an unknown weapon last night. Holding his head, he trace for any wound. He was sure that he had a head injury, he still felt the lingering sensation of his flowing blood and his blurring vision. Strangely enough, he felt nothing. Not just that, he could even feel a silky strand of thread. Looking at his shoulder, he saw a cluster of black silk hair, flowing immaculately .It wasn't a thread, it was his HAIR!!!

Since when did my hair grow ?and it was so silky, where is my stylish cpop hairstyle?..

Baffled by his hair, Xu Feng finally realize something. He got up.

Shifu? Where are you going?,Nan Li ask. Swatting his disciple aside, Xu Feng was determined to examine his look. That's right, he needed to confirm something. Approaching a nearby spring lake, Xu Feng look through his reflection.

A man appearing to be 20 years old was wearing a pure white robe. Its long sleeves flowed, as a silvery moon emblem embroidered it. A jet black hair, which flows freely up to his waist while a jade crown holds it in place. A peach eyes with purple irises look back at him. His lips beautifully sculptured combined with his jade like skin. That's right,this man looks like an ethereal beauty, however a shock look was reflected as well.

F*ck, who is this beauty!!!

Squinting his eyes, Xu Feng is even more astonished .This is HIM.

Oh great, I was kidnapped and had plastic surgery without my knowledge.

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