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Ten Million Years Stuck in The Multiverse's Back-Up Information Centre by MitchieMoi998
Ten Million Years Stuck in The Chukwusomso Mitchelle Egeonu
Kaori Sol spends about 10,000,000 years stuck in a space filled with light dots with information from all life (including different universes; some advanced, some behind...
Overlord, love me tender by L0st_Gur1
Overlord, love me tenderby L0st_Gur1
In the 21st century, she was the talented leader of the hidden family clan, once she crossed over, she became the number one waste? Break off an engagement? A good-for-n...
The Supreme Pet Reborn in Another World by Kazuyuuki95
The Supreme Pet Reborn in 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Su Mengmeng/苏萌萌 Category: Danmei Fiction Status: 250 Chapter (Complete) Introducing: (Main attack, clean body and mind, no children, cool text) Jun Xie, who was...
The Ceo's Loser Wife: Rebirth of the Villainous Queen of Alchemy  by muffins_00
The Ceo's Loser Wife: Rebirth of muffins
He stood there, soaking wet in the pouring rain, earnestly looking at her. He gazed at her, as if she was his entire world. But, only to be mercilessly cut down.... &qu...
Rebirth Space: Ace Spicy Wife, Don't Get Angry by Qwinesty
Rebirth Space: Ace Spicy Wife, Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
The people in the capital never thought that one day the legendary big man could spoil a woman so much that he was willing to give what he had. Before rebirth, Qin Tiany...
I use a cauldron to fly the whole fairy gate by Xiaoshuo_
I use a cauldron to fly the 中国小说
Su Yu, a descendant of the royal chef, transmigrated into the novel of cultivating immortals overnight, and became the cannon fodder second senior sister who took over a...
Love The Villain [ Book 1 ] by tbluesyum
Love The Villain [ Book 1 ]by This Fish Loves Cats
Love the Villain Author : Ai Ai Chapters : 650 Status : Complete [Cultivation of Immortals, Villains, Sweet Animals, Master 1, Alchemist] Liu Mufeng perished after d...
Virus Cultivation by STakeshi
Virus Cultivationby S. Takeshi
A terrorist that released a man-made virus, which killed more than 100 million people, was captured and sentenced to death. Death is supposed to be the end of one's sto...
when hashika turned 10 years old, he comment on an online novel and said that magic and cultivation was fake. he got a reply from the author saying CAN HE PROVE IT???? ...
(1) The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife by mylovess2013
(1) The King of Hell's Genius mylove
At the feast of the Gluttonous House's auction, there was a little girl with an exceptional furnace constitution for offer at a sky-high price. Everyone wanted to lay th...
The transmigration of an overpowered girl by PraveePRAVEENA
The transmigration of an praveena reddy
[this is my first novel,so please bear with the grammar mistakes 😅😅] Elizabeth (Elly) is a genius excelled in medicine (Chinese) and poison ,war strategies.Killed by t...
[BOOK 1] The Interstellar Male God  by naravitluvs
[BOOK 1] The Interstellar Male God by Ririi.
Short Title : IMG Alternate Title : 星际之国民男神 Status : Completed Author : Demon Fox With Fiery Tail Link : When a genius...
Supreme Martial Arts: Unlock Boundless Power! by maoyi-zhou
Supreme Martial Arts: Unlock maoyi zhou
An ordinary youth from Zhou Family Village. Despite lacking exceptional martial talent, a fateful encounter propels him into the realm of prodigies. Blessed with awe-ins...
[1] Transmigrating into a Short-lived White Moonlight, had a HE with the Villain by seravnsmk
[1] Transmigrating into a Sera
Sang Yuanyuan transmigrated into a sadistic romance ancient fantasy novel, becoming the male lead's ill-fated beautiful white moonlight that died early. The male lead lo...
Into the world of Medicine 1 by GraysheildF
Into the world of Medicine 1by Graysheil dela Fuente
This is one of my favorite novel. Read this for at least more than 5 times. 🖤 Credits to the original owner. ⚠️⚠️⚠️This story is just for my keeps and I corrected some...
Cosmic Onni Dragon godking by Yarel67
Cosmic Onni Dragon godkingby I_Seek_Freedom
Issei hyoudou a total god in his dimension is reborn in a reverses world we're woman are the storgest he will rise up and become a true peerless god that stands above ev...
Shekki's Shopping Online by LAmerica06
Shekki's Shopping Onlineby LAmerica
Die due to a careless driving, transmigrated in a novel, became a unwanted fiancee and betrayed by her half sister. Shekki's finally have some small fortune when she rec...
Traveling Through The Waste Young Cultivator by Kazuyuuki95
Traveling Through The Waste 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Tangyuaner/汤圆儿 Category: Danmei Fiction Status: 237 chapter (Complete) Introduction [Master 1 + Raising cubs + Interpenetration between ancient and modern times...
Pregnant with her ex-husband's cub after divorce by Demens88c
Pregnant with her ex-husband's Demens88c
Summary too long, read it in the first chapter NOT MINE MTL (no editing) NO VOTING
Dreadful Tempest by RenBowLTE
Dreadful Tempestby Chiharu
What if our beloved rimuru-sama visits the world of cultivation? the world where strength dictates everything!