Chapter 19:Beating a dead dog

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Like what would a normal fanboy would do, Xu Feng immediately shifted his attention towards Shao Xierou. Casually leaning his head, he observe the second female lead from head to toe.

Good,good, high quality indeed. As expected of the second lead.

Nodding to himself, he seemed pleased at the second heroine's beauty. On par with the female lead.
His action was so casual,he make it seem natural.

But his action nonetheless was caught by Lin Chengze. Seeing this,Xu Feng promptly retracted his line of sight and focus on the disciples. Wiping the bead of sweats from his forehead, he acted as if nothing was done, despite him being caught red handed by his disciple checking out a younger female disciple. And it was the protagonist.

Now he wasn't sure if the protagonist would be pleased with him looking at his second wife.

Darting his eyes back and forth, his cool demeanor was replaced with the aura of a criminal caught on a crime.
To his surprise, Lin Chengze seemed not to mind it.

As his shifu, Xu Feng was thankful, perhaps his disciple would not mind it. And as a cannon fodder, it seems that his life was safe for now.(though his chrysanthemum isn't ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

His relief was of course, only short lived. Although Lin Chengze pretends not to mind it, he is now planning to take action. First, eradicate that woman Shao Xierou somehow during the congress and second, teaching his shifu not to drifts his eyes away. He also make sure to punish him accordingly.

As the master and disciple strays deep in their schemes, the gong was finally struck.

Thunderous sound echoed throughout the mountain, gaining everyone's attention.

"Upon this 14th day of the Lunar Calendar, the 37th Immortal Congress shall commence!", the loud voice of an elder started the event every disciples waited for. Cheering from various peaks were heard, initiating the start of the Congress.

From the sidelines, the eldest elder was the one who will announce the rules. His presence immediately calls for respect, thus every disciples stand in attention.

" During the start of the event, 3 representatives shall come from every peaks, and 1 substitute. After the initial presentation of them, no other substitution shall be allowed. "

"If the number of representatives are not presented at the exact date, your participation will be nulled."

"Fighting before the event is prohibited, your participation will be nulled and shall be banned for another 5 congress."

"Teaming up with another peak is allowed, as long as the peak master approved it."

"The event shall be separated from martial cultivators and pill makers, a different test would be given."

"Pill makers are allowed to asked for substitution from a paired martial cultivator during combat."

"Illegal pills are prohibited such us no cure pills and core paralysis pills"

"Peak master's are not allowed to help their disciples during the entire event."

"Match between disciples are drawn by lots."

"On I am allowed to overturned decision and results"

"The winning peak shall be granted with a mystical egg"

"Any injuries and death caused by accidents or by mystical beast is normal"

"However, any malicious intentions of destroying cores and stealing is prohibited"

"Sightings of illegal cultivators shall be reported immediately, any disruption from outside will cease the event."

After announcing the rules, the elder left the stage, gaining applause from the disciples.

Looking at his disciples, Xu Feng could only hope that his disciples could go back intact  and alive.

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