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2:31 am

"so you can keep me..inside the pocket of your ripped jean.."

hyunjin heard his voice once again. he didn't know whether to disturb seungmin or to listen from inside. if he went out on the balcony, he knew seungmin would run his way back inside. being the shy boy he is.

"holding me closer 'till our eyes meet~"

"you won't ever be alone, wait for me to come home."

hyunjin smiled, he could feel his own cheeks burning up. wow, his voice is really beautiful.

seungmin who kept singing. hyunjin talked to himself, unaware that seungmin could hear him.

"sing louder for me."

"it's beautiful."

"your voice deserves to be heard everywhere."

seungmin feeling the butterflies forming in his stomach. he lost his line, making him get off key. "hyunjin..you can come out.."

the door opening, hyunjin peeked out. smiling once again. "I'm guessing you heard?"

"couldn't miss that voice anywhere."

"couldn't miss yours. it's so angelic."

"you trying to make me blush?" seungmin chuckled, raising a brow.

"maybe I am?"

"you're a dork."

"I could be yours." as hyunjin laughed. he walked outside to stretch. "you have eye bags, shouldn't you be sleeping. it's really late."

"I mean why aren't you sleeping? insomnia, you like watching the stars?" seungmin thought a bit more, "or do you just like having all nighters?"

hyunjin shrugged. he looked up at the stars and smiled. "I like watching the stars sometimes."

a small smile formed on seungmin's face. but it turned into a frown quickly, "y-yeah..me too."

"so you were singing photograph by ed sheeran right? I love that song." hyunjin questioned.

seungmin nodded, hiding his face in the palms of his hands. "I thought you'd be asleep by now. so I didn't know.."

"you don't have to apologize for signing. it's beautiful. I don't want to have to tell you that again. just remember."

"you're very cheesy. do you have a girlfriend or something?" seungmin questioned, "she must be lucky."

"no I actually don't. nobody has really caught my eye." he replied. "but maybe that'll change."

"seems quite nice having someone who loves you." as his voice got quiet, "doesn't it.."

"it would. yeah?"

pulling his knees close to his chest. seungmin sighed, "you should go to bed. we have class tomorrow."

"as long as you go to sleep."

"I promise I'll go in after you do."

"promise?" hyunjin asked once more.


hyunjin listening to the boy, he walked back inside. but before closing the door, he smiled. "night minnie."


once the door was shut, seungmin felt his own tears forming in his eyes. "promises are always broken..."

finished - 1:48 pm

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