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seungmin's eyes fluttering open after his slumber, he looked around the unfamiliar room. rubbing his eyes to adjust his vision, he slowly started to remember what happened before he laid in bed. next to him laid hyunjin, his eyes shut, lips a peachy pink, his mouth a little open but yet. he still looked prettier than every even if he slept.

covering himself with the sheet, he hid under the blanket. squealing for a couple seconds.

"why am I here..this is way to embarrassing.."

peeping his head back up, hyunjin moved a bit. seungmin believing he was about to wake up, he wanted to get out immediately before he woke up. if anything, he didn't want hyunjin to see his cherry face.

but instead, hyunjin's arm extended. snaking around seungmin's waist, pulling him close. "don't leave minnie.." he whined, still half asleep. "my mom's making dinner, just stay for a little more."

"b-but I need to go-"

"I'm not allowing you to go back home." he sternly told, pulling him even closer. seungmin hiding in the crook of hyunjin's neck, he burned up even more. "that place you call home, isn't what home should feel like."

"my dad!! he'll-" but seungmin gave up, he had no reason to defend his father and his doings anymore. so he sighed, "okay.."

hyunjin kissing seungmin once again he smiled, "good, now my mom's making spaghetti for dinner so get some more rest. she'll call us when she's ready."

seungmin nodded and placed his head near hyunjin's chest. "hyunjin..not to be weird but-"

"but what?"

"I'm pretty sure friends don't do these type of things."

hyunjin smirked, "I know that."

"is this like your weird 'no homo' thing? I hear minho say it all the time to jisung."

"he just says that phrase when he panics, don't worry minnie. just wait."

"wait for what?"

"the spaghetti." he joked.

"you're so- why!!!"

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