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seungmin waking up the next morning after, he had a cut on his forehead. little pieces of glass surrounding him while his door still open. getting up, his head ached. listening for a bit, there seemed to be no one home. which was a bit relieve.

making his way into the bathroom, there was blood dried against his skin. washing it up carefully, he winced from cleaning up the wound. "it's not that bad.." as he looked into the mirror, trying to cheer himself up. he finally went to go clean up the glass, ensuring he got every piece from the wooden floor.

going into the kitchen, there were a couple fallen beer bottles. a deck of cards spread out while loose change covered the floor. "old man doesn't know how to clean up after himself.."

leaving the mess, he went back into his room. there stood the two ice cream tubs. the box of chocolate and the half dying rose in the vase.

then it hit him.

balcony tonight.

"I forgot about last night!"

unlocking his balcony door, there sat hyunjin sleeping. curled up in a ball, a blanket placed right over him. as he peacefully slept, seungmin closed his door quietly. hoping over his balcony to hyunjin's, he shook the boy lightly. "jinnie..I'm here.."

hyunjin's eyes fluttering open, he rubbed his eyes. arms going up as he stretched, "what time is it!" as he then yawned.

"hm, maybe about ten thirty? close to eleven."

"s-seriously?" hyunjin asked as he blinked a couple times, shocked. "I have dance practice at one, I think I'll be fine.."

"that's cool.."

as hyunjin's vision became more clearer, he saw the color red dripping from seungmin's forehead. "h-hey..I know I'm not going crazy but is that blood?"

seungmin titled his head, touching his forehead. his eyes widened as the blood vividly showed on his fingers. "o-oh..y-yeah it is!"

hyunjin jolting up, he grabbed seungmin's hand. "what happened when I left?" opening his door to his bedroom, he pushed him in. "seungmin, what happened!?"

trying to force on an innocent smile, he waved his hands in defense. "n-nothing that serious. come on jinnie it's just a cut.."

"seungmin it legit looks like a big gash on your face! don't give me that!" as he gave a concerned look.

seungmin pouting, he moved into the criss-cross position with his legs. "u-uh.."

"uh what?"

"I kinda got hit with a beer bottle?.."

hyunjin feeling his own heart stop, his head fell down. "you were struck with a beer bottle?"

"j-just a beer bottle!"

"you're acting as if that's nothing! has he done worse to you? you're living in a household where you're being abused and you think that's just alright?!"


"no! don't jinnie me, don't it's okay that!" hyunjin then raised his voice even louder, "when I meant art doesn't deserved to be destroyed. I meant it. you're beautiful, I hate seeing you all scratched up."

seungmin's lip quivering, he bursted out into tears. "I-I know it's abuse..but he's the only one I have!"

hyunjin kneeling down, he lifted seungmin's chin up. staring into his eyes, he kissed him slowly. yet passionately. releasing, he rubbed against the wound gently.

"you're not alone, you have me."

{10:41 pm}

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