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as hyunjin's mother watched from her room. kkami came running out, barking cutely at the two boys. ruining their moment.

"kkami! get your fluffy butt back here!" she whispered yet slightly yelled, hyunjin just chuckled.

"mom it's alright. you can come out."

while with seungmin, he immediately kneeled down to pet the little puppy. he smiled in awe, he always wanted a dog. but never had the chance to have one. hyunjin leaned over a bit more to see his boyfriend playing with kkami and rubbing her belly. he hadn't seen a sight so pure and adorable.

"you like her? she seems to like you a lot."

"I—I love her!! what's h—her name!"

"kkami. you can hold her if you want. she won't bite."

seungmin mouthed a, 'really?' picking up kkami, the pup licked seungmin's face a couple times, in return seungmin giggled cutely.

this is illegal, how could someone be so cute?

"I wish I had a dog..or at least some pet! my father never let me." seungmin told, pressing his cheek against kkami's fur.

"that's a bummer, you can stay here for a while and be with kkami. and of course me."

seungmin walked over to hyunjin and kissed his cheek, "I'll always stay just for you. I'm not leaving you jinnie."

hyunjin kissing his forehead, hyunjin's mother still watched silently. she had never seen her son so in love, it was like you could see the red string that connected the two. as if they were meant to be.

"alright you love birds, eat your dinner cause it's getting late." his mother interrupted, making seungmin turn red.

"o—okay..thank you mrs. hwang for the lovely dinner once again.."

she smiled as a response, "anytime sweetie."

seungmin set down kkami and for the next ten minutes hyunjin and seungmin ate. finishing, they cleaned up their part of the table and washed their dishes. later on, running up into hyunjin's room to get ready for bed.

"jinnie I can sleep on the floor if you'd like." seungmin offered, standing in place.

hyunjin furrowed one brow, putting a hand on his hip he chuckled. "you'd really think I'd let my boyfriend sleep on the floor? yeah right, you're sleeping next to me."

blushing from the response, he nodded. he had slept next to seungmin before, but that was because of the incident of what happened. now it was just because of the hell of it. for some reason, he felt nervous. too nervous. as if he was going to run a marathon and if included ten billion obstacles that could kill him.

okay, now maybe he was just being overdramatic. but still, this was hyunjin!

hyunjin slipping into bed, he patted the empty space right next to him. "come on, you're tired aren't you? it's been a long day."

seungmin awkwardly sliding under the covers, he was quiet. his face turning a cherry red while his back towards hyunjin. the boy confused, he tapped on seungmin's shoulder. "hey princess, you don't have to be shy. you could always come closer if you'd like."

"u—um..im fine for now.."

"you don't sound fine. are you alright?" hyunjin obviously knew that seungmin wasn't, he could tell by his ears that he was a blushing mess. "show me your face, is my baby too shy?" he teased.

"b—baby! I'm not a baby!" he whined, turning around.


hyunjin cupped his cheeks and kissed him, seungmin's eyes widening by the action. he gave into it, letting it happen.

"look at you, you're so pretty." he told, "that was your goodnight kiss so sleep tight minnie."

hyunjin getting up to turn off the lights, seungmin sat in confusion. blinking a couple times, he shook his head to try and think straight again. biting his lip, he looked towards hyunjin who was coming back to bed.



fiddling with his fingers, he looked directly into his eyes. "I want some more goodnight kisses before we go to bed."

> 2:00 am <

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