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"so welcome to your new home!"

another week had passed and seungmin was informed that he would be staying with his therapist mr. yang. at first he was a bit weirded out by the news, but came to accept it since he was willing enough to do it for him.

"s—so..this is a weird question. should I call you mr. yang stil..o—or something like dad? I don't wanna be disrespectful!" seungmin questioned shyly, setting down his bags.

mr. yang chuckled, "you can call me whatever you want. you practically family now!"

"o—okay..dad.." he replied slowly, mr. yang smiled and patted his back.

it was friday afternoon, seungmin was introduced to mrs. yang, well his 'new' mother. she was sweet and kind hearted. she had open arms when seungmin came through the door and when he meant open arms. literally open arms, the older woman would not stop hugging the boy. pinching his cheeks to then ruffle his hair.

he felt like tearing up when he felt her touch. it was so long since he felt so loved.

"well, we're just waiting for jeongin. he'll be here soon." mr. yang said looking at his watch, "I'll bring your bags upstairs. your room is down the hall and on the left alright?"

seungmin nodded, "yes, thank you. I really appreciate everything you're doing for me.. I hope I'm not a hassle."

mrs. yang shook her head, "no! no, no sweetie! you deserve all the happiness in the world, so we're gonna make sure we give it to you."

his heart swelling up by her words, he smiled widely. "t—thank you!"

squishing his cheeks once more. seungmin sat at their dinner table while mrs. yang made dinner. he didn't feel awkward around the two older people, but he was just scared about the jeongin boy.

for some reason he sounded familiar. tapping his finger on the wooden table, he decided to ask mrs. yang.

"mrs. yang."

"you can call me mom if you'd like. mrs. yang sounds so formal."

"o—okay, m—mom?"

"yes sweetie." she replied.

"your son's name is jeongin right? for some reason he sounds so familiar to me, I don't know anyone at school so it's like a blur."

she nodded, "yep, yang jeongin. he is a first year and easy to spot once you seem him. he has braces, very bubbly and bright.."

"still doesn't ring a bell."

mrs. yang gave out a little, 'hmm.' finally thinking of something, it was as if a lightbulb went off in her head.

"how about bang chan?" she questioned. "do you know him?"

seungmin nodded vigorously, who doesn't know that name at jyp academy? if you didn't, you were definitely living under a rock. "I know him. well not personally."

"my son is dating him." she told.

seungmin's eyes widened, "really?" it was surprising to hear since their relationship is never talked about.

"yep!" as she popped the 'p', "i believe they're on a date. that's why jeongin is coming home before dinner."

"that's..sweet.." he replied, "how did it happen?"

"well chan works at a coffee shop and jeongin usually would go there to do his homework. jeongin came home one day with such a sparkle in his eye and smile that seemed so different from the others. I could tell that he was in love. and that's where it all start."

how sweet. seungmin thought. the way he and his boyfriend met was because they were balcony buddies. there was more but, that was too much to remember. especially with his father involved.

"what about you and that hyunjin boy?"

seungmin's mind turned into a blank. "o—oh..yeah he's my boyfriend. I haven't seen him in like..two weeks though."

mr. yang's lips formed into a frown. "that must be hard. you'll be going back to school soon so you'll see him again seungmin."

"I know..but it feels like eternity!" seungmin whined, "i can't believe it's been two weeks."

she chuckled by the boy's words, "I know how it feels. but I believe jeongin is home." she told, cutting off their conversation as she heard the doorknob being fidgeted with.

the door opening, jeongin had stepped in. taking off his shoes to then lock the door, he shouted. "I'm home!!"

"welcome back!" mrs. yang replied, "dinner is ready and he's here!"

"really!! he is!!" jeongin excitedly shouted from the front door. "why didn't you say so!!"

the younger came running into the kitchen. making eye contact with seungmin, he smiled brightly.

she was right. he is..bright.

"hi! I'm yang jeongin and your new younger brother. welcome to the family!" he shouted, making seungmin flinch a bit. "s—sorry! did I scare you? I've just never had a sibling before so this is all new to me!"

seungmin shook head, "no! no, no. it's fine, I've never had a sibling too so this is new to me as well." he reassured.

"cool! I hope we can get along. I have a plushie collection upstairs, you wanna see? do you like chocolate? how about coffee!! my boyfriend works at a coffee shop and we should go together sometime!!"

being attacked with the questions, seungmin just listened to the kid ramble on. smiling at him, he got up from his chair patting jeongin's head.

"I hope we can get along too. little bro."

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