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hyunjin's dream

the colors were bright and vivid, seungmin laid on hyunjin's chest snoring away. hyunjin was asleep as well, he gave off a dorky smile as he thought of seungmin. everything was going well in his dream until, seungmin suddenly was pulled out of bed. the color scheme was now achromatic. his mother at the door, being held back screaming and kicking. he could feel himself fighting back, but it was no use against the unfamiliar faces. everything switched in a flash, he didn't understand what was going on. until he heard a man's voice that rung a bell, "this woman had my son the whole time! how dare he even be seen sleeping next to another boy."

please don't let them take me!

jinnie please, don't!

I love you, please wake up!

don't touch him, s—stop!!


and the boy woke from his slumber. his head ached, bed sheets thrown all over the floor. pillows torn apart while he laid near the door.

what the hell happened?

where the fuck is seungmin?

getting up, he tried to keep his balance. but caught himself by clinging onto the door's knob. quickly trying to find his mother, he could hear her crying from downstairs.

rushing down, his throat was dry when he questioned, "m—mom..where is he?"

she wiped her tears and shrugged, "I'm guessing the police came with seungmin's father. I tried to explain but instead they just took him by force. he filed a report that he ran away."

hyunjin felt his stomach churn, all he wanted was seungmin to be safe. not with that crazy old man, "s—so..will he be alright?"

"it depends on seungmin. if he tells the police about the abuse being held in his household, they'd have to believe the child. he's too young to experience all this." she replied back quietly, "I'm sure he'll be alright sweetheart, I'll try and figure something out.."

hyunjin felt the tears forming in his eyes. hyunjin's mom noticing, she patted the seat next to him. offering open eyes, "I know sweetie it hurts. it happened all so suddenly but they've been looking for him once he disappeared from his room."

hyunjin who sped towards the seat, he cried with his mom for a little. trying to think of happy thoughts with seungmin. "i—i hope he's alright..m—mom..I love him so much. h—he cant live with that man!"

"I know he can't.." she started off, brushing some locks of hair that covered his forehead. "seungmin is a strong boy, he knows you love him and he will fight for his freedom."


seungmin sat in an empty room. a stack of files and a professional looking lady sitting in front of him. he fidgeted with his hands as he didn't know the situation he had gotten himself into. why this now?

"seungmin." the lady started off.

"y—yes.." he hastily replied.

"is it true, you ran away from home? that is what your father stated."


he shook his head, "I didn't run away, but yet went to my b—boyfriend's house. he let me stay, I just didn't tell my father."

"and why is that?" she sternly questioned, "it worried your father very much, it seems as if you could use the term 'psycho' for how he acted."

seungmin biting his lip and digging his nails into his skin. his thoughts screamed inside his head, say it! tell her!

"I—is that so.." he replied softly, "that's n-no good-"

"you would've left your father lonely, is that what you want?"

lonely. he thought. the only one lonely in that damn house is me. I'm on the one locked in the room, petrified to come out. I am the one scared of their own father. the one who sews their mouth just to keep their 'father' safe. I am not lonely. because somewhat kept me company this whole time.

then seungmin stood up.

"yes." he told, "I'm not lonely. I have jinnie. and my father won't be lonely, because he'll have his cell mates."

her eyes widened by the response, "why cell mates?"

"not to be rude miss. but you have noticed this giant gash on my face, correct?" seungmin started out, she nodded intrigued by his statement.

"my father has been abusing me since I was younger. my mother had left and he went 'psycho' after his loved one had disappeared out of the blue. I was his punching bag, I was his rag doll! don't tell me that he'd be lonely, because guess what! he'd fucking deserve it!"

slamming his fist on the table, he plopped right back down in his seat. glaring at her, he scoffed.

"also, I didn't appreciate the disturbance brought among the hwang family. my boyfriend was sleeping so peacefully, but you just had to ruin the moment." looking at his nails, he sighed. "you even decided to hit his precious face. you'll regret that."

the woman gulping, she straightened up her paperwork's and nodded. standing up, she glanced at the boy once more. his look could kill anyone in seconds. "t—thank you for your time."

"you're welcome." he sarcastically replied, once she left he groaned. "welcome my ass, I wanna go home."

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