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I am cruing

"boyfriend?.." hyunjin finished.

seungmin fidgeted with his fork, "y—yes? I—I mean! you totally are probably not interested in me, even if you give me forehead kisses. probably watch me when I sleep, a—and even kissed me!. t—totally you're not interested!!"

hyunjin laughed by his response, he got up from his seat and leaned over the table. lifting up seungmin's chin, he kissed his gently. "I've been in love with you since the day I've heard your voice. you're so beautiful seungmin, never have I seen such art in my life."

"y—you're always comparing me to a—art!! that's too cute for my heart.." seungmin shyly told.

"cause you are art. I don't know how many times I've said but, your angelic voice. your porcelain skin and peachy lips. how cute your smile is and when you giggle it makes anyone hearts stop. I would love for you to be mine."

when seungmin heard those words, he got up from his seat and kissed his jinnie once again.

"I am yours."

> 10:15 pm <

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