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3:48 am

seungmin sat in the corner of his balcony. knees to his chest, no music playing. no singing, just his little sniffles to himself. he hated being inside, he always locked his room. all he wanted was some peace and quiet. a little freedom. a lot of love.

he waited for hyunjin to come out, but as minutes past he thought of giving up. maybe he should sing to wake up the boy? or just not bother him at all.

he felt much more safer when it came to hyunjin. he made him feel loved, wanted. hyunjin was like one of those sweet cliché boys from the movies.

but of course, he wasn't complaining.

"jinnie..." seungmin called out quietly. he had the urge to jump over and knock on his door. "jinnie.." he said a bit louder.

no answer.

"maybe you're actually sleeping..for once." seungmin giggled to himself.

"I'm sorry you had to see that scene last night. you probably were very confused." as he talked to the door.

"he's my dad. but you might be wondering, what type of father treats their son like that? I ask myself that everyday too. but it's okay jinnie. I'm alright."

seungmin humming for a little bit, he continued to talk to hyunjin. even if there was no response given back to him.

"but to go on jinnie, I'm fine at home. usually I like staying outside and sitting here at night cause it's relaxing. I find that the cold air keeps me at peace." seungmin looking up to the stars, he smiled.

"you know jinnie. I'm sorry that I broke our promise that one night, I didn't go to bed. but maybe I should get this off my chest."

seungmin taking a deep breath, he smiled. "I should be sad, but when it comes to you. you make me feel better. my mom, she left my dad and I a long time ago. she told us she'd be back, I clearly remember that she even pinky promised. but she never did." looking into his lap, he scratched the back of his neck. "maybe that's why my dads so mean and abusive. because the one he loved just got up and left. nobody wants that, am I right?"

seungmin looking at the time, it almost hit four a.m. so he got up from his spot and stretched. "but this night I won't break our promise. since you went to bed, I'll go to sleep too. goodnight jinnie, I'll see you tomorrow night.."

as seungmin entered his room, in the other. hyunjin sat behind his door. head down, knees to his chest. crying to himself, as he heard everything.

"nobody wants that..."

yoonminful - 6:14 pm

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