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why did seungmin always sing love songs? it's
because he never got that feeling of someone making your heart full enough to burst. or someone to make you smile so wide to where your cheeks hurt.

"the tears..won't stop.." he sang softly, "you were my..first love.." as he continued.

but instead of it being a solo. he heard someone else join in.

"the reason our breakup was so clumsy is because you were my first love.."

as his eyes widened, seungmin still sang. "the unforgettable places and the promises me made. I can't see there anymore."

"I know, I know.." hyunjin sang from the inside, "I know..."

"I know that this love hurts." they harmonized. seungmin singing within a higher key while hyunjin went lower.

hyunjin opening his door, he waved. "astro first love?"

seungmin nodded, "that's the one. it's one of my favorite songs."

"same." hyunjin closing his door, he grabbed the seungmin's balcony railing.

"w-what are you doing?!" he questioned, fear in his eyes as he worried for hyunjin's safety.

"jumping over? I wanna talk duh."

seungmin shook his head, standing up he shook his sweater paws. waving them in front of hyunjin's face. "shoo!! you might fall and crack your head open and I'll cry!"

"it's not that far of a fall."

"it's a two story fall!!" seungmin whined, "hyunjin please!!"

hyunjin shrugged, "nah." hoping his way into seungmin's area. he smiled. "see? I'm not dead."

"I'm dead inside..you're way to close to me now.." as he backed away, sitting in a corner.

"what? you shy. I don't bite."

"I know you don't, it's just I don't get many visitors." seungmin pouted, "it feels weird and abnormal."


seungmin clutching his chest. he shook his head. "never mind..so what do you want to talk about. it's not a school night so we can speak as long as we want.."

"I wanna know more about you. so tell me minnie, what's your likes and dislikes."

"uh..I like puppies. and I dislike celery."

"celery? that's quite random. but I have a puppy, her name's kami. maybe I'll bring her out sometime."

as seungmin's eyes widened. he stuttered a bit. "r-really!"

hyunjin nodding, he laughed at his cute reaction. "of course. she'd love to see you."

seungmin squealed a bit. keeping his composure, he played with his big sleeves. "s-so..anything you want to tell me?"

the boy pondering, he shrugged. "I'm not that interesting. I bet you're more fun than me."

"I color in my free time."

"that's so adorable."

seungmin's cheeks turning a light pink. he slapped hyunjin with his sweater paw. "s-stop!"

hyunjin pouting, he teased he boy. pinching one of his cheeks, "why? is minnie shy? you're cheeks are so chubby they make me wanna die."

seungmin hitting his hand away, he crossed his arms to then pout. "don't do that..they might be chubby but they still hurt."

hyunjin nodding, he put his hands up in defense. "alrighty, whatever you say."

as they say in silence for a little. the time went quickly, to where seungmin blabbed on about puppies. hyunjin quietly listening to each word that came out his mouth. seungmin falling asleep slowly as he talked, hyunjin could already see the sun rising. seungmin's head falling forward, hyunjin adjusted himself so he could rest his head in his lap. the boy snoring away instantly.

a faint smile carving onto hyunjin's face. he rested his head against the railing and closed his eyes. "goodnight minnie.."

I'm soft for this fic
finished 9:38 pm

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