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2:47 am

seungmin hummed to the tune of the song that played on his phone. he loved day-six, they were one of his favorite groups.

but of course. instead of hearing the voices of the members. hyunjin was singing from inside his room. he tried a force a serious expression, but he just couldn't. hyunjin was one of the few people who made him smile. which he was grateful for.

"hey jinnie. go to sleep!" he yelled. the singing stopped and hyunjin peeked outside.


seungmin pouting, he raised a brow. "what do you mean no! if you go to sleep, I'll go to-"

bang! bang! bang!

seungmin's eyes widened as he realized it was his balcony door making that noise. he looked back at it, then turning towards hyunjin. "g-go!"

hyunjin giving off a confused expression. he had no time to answer. instead, he watched as someone grabbed seungmin from the inside. his eyes filling with tears.

what the hell have I told you! you're always out here when you're not suppose to!

"I-I'm sorry!" he sobbed, hyunjin presses his ear against his door. trying to listen to their conversation.

you're such a brat. I can't believe I was stuck with someone like you.

as seungmin didn't reply. he heard a yelp come from the boy. hyunjin kept quiet as he heard the sobs grow even louder. making himself shake a bit.

useless. pathetic.

the yelling coming to an end. hyunjin opened his door, there seungmin's phone still played his music.

"I am lost, in the same place. waiting for you to hold my hand."

hyunjin looking in front of him. he stared at the door, he didn't know what was happening behind it. but all he knew was that he wanted to protect seungmin. from everything.

yoonminful - 7:02 am

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