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random ;
I find celery so funny for
some reason ?? like idk it
just makes me laugh but
I hate celery

"jeongin.." hyunjin whined through the phone, "coffee before school, again! chan doesn't even work at this time!"

"hear me out, please!! I'm want my iced coffee and channie will be there. and you won't third wheel like always! I'm bringing someone."

hyunjin looking at the time, it just struck seven. their classes starting at eight fifteen, he had to get up either way. "fine, meet you there in twenty."

"yay! I'll see you later, bye bye!!"

the phone call ending, hyunjin got up from his bed. his hair was awfully messy and a line a drool led down into his neck. "gross.." he whispered to himself, wiping it off.

getting into his school uniform, he brushed his teeth and passed breakfast. since he was going to the café, he decided to just get some food there. his mother who was getting ready for work as well said goodbye to them, leaving the house both at once.

"have a good day sweetie.." she kissed hyunjin's forehead, patting his head.

the two going in opposite directions, it was seven thirteen meaning hyunjin had seven minutes to get to the café. picking up his pace, he knew jeongin hated when he was late.

a couple minutes later, he arrived in front of the shop. there he saw chan in the front waiting. the older boy waving at him, they greeted each other.

"where's jeongin?" chan asked worried, the time was now seven twenty. the time jeongin said to meet at the shop and he was usually never late.

hyunjin shrugged, "I thought he'd be with you by now. since I'm the one who's usually late." looking around hyunjin didn't spot the boy anywhere. "I'll go save us a table inside."

jeongin was running late because he was having a hard time getting seungmin out of bed. he literally barged into his room, jumping on the boy to wake him up.

so now, they were running to get to the shop. jeongin dragging seungmin by each step, he giggled by how grumpy the boy was.

"why do I have to go!! school doesn't start until later!!" seungmin whined.

"because channie is waiting and I never let channie wait. come on!" jeongin told, picking up his pace.

groaning, seungmin just listened to jeongin. how could anyone be so jumpy in the morning? well, he did have a reason to.

"there he is! look it's channie, do you see him!" jeongin shouted, pointing to the older who was across the street.

once the crosswalk turned to the walking sign, jeongin ran off. letting go off seungmin's hand. running into chan's arms, the boy gave him a kiss on the forehead. "morning princess." chan greeted, making him immediately blush.

seungmin who caught up, he introduced himself awkwardly. "h—hi. I'm kim seungmin and—"

"this is my new brother channie!" jeongin interrupted, "isn't he so cute. his cheeks are really squishy too."

chan let out a hand for seungmin to shake. "nice to meet you, I'm chan. but another friend of ours is waiting inside. we shouldn't let him wait."

both boys nodding they headed inside. the other friend wasn't inside. but his bag sat at a table and a drink. "guess he went to the bathroom." chan told.

as they all set their bags down, seungmin gave jeongin money for a drink and muffin while he watched the table.

hyunjin who stared in the bathroom mirror sighed, "another week without you. this sucks." mumbling sadly.

jeongin ; hey! I'm in line with channie, my brother is sitting at the table. :)

hyunjin ; alright, I'll be right there

"when did jeongin have a brother?" hyunjin
asked himself, but brushed off the question as he walked out.

seeing the mysterious boy's back face him. he waddled on over to the table. stuffing his hands in his uniform pocket, he put on a fake smile.

"hi I'm hwang hyunjin. nice to meet you, you're jeongin's brother? I never knew he had one."

the boy not replying, it seemed as if he froze.

"h—hello? did you hear me, im hwang hyunjin—"

then he turned around.

the boy's eyes were teary while he had a bright smile on his face, "j—jinnie?"

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