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a week passed and hyunjin felt nothing but emptiness. there was no singing out on the balcony, no warmth given to him.

just, nothing.

he hadn't been able to contact seungmin and it was killing him. all he wanted to know where his boyfriend was, that's all.

little did he know, seungmin was doing fine. just court and many talks he had with different people. they were there to help him get out of his situation. to make things right.

"so. he's going to prison right?" seungmin questioned for the billionth time, his therapist then nodded.

"yes, he will be. you already made your statements clear and the physical abuse on your body says it all." he replied smiling, "you'll be free from him finally."

"that's good to hear. it's been hell living with him, i'm glad it's over.." seungmin quietly told, "so-"

"is this about where you'll be living again seungmin?" 

the boy became quite and slightly nodded. it was one of the few questions seungmin needed an answer to. it was bugging him for days, him not being able to know was killing him. 

"i thought someone already discussed this topic with you?"

"t-they did! it's just, i'm not really...liking them."

"and why is that?"

"well..with the foster home system I can't choose who i'll be with and where i'll be! I really want to stay here..because i have hyunjin here and of course jyp academy. It would be hard for me to just transition out of nowhere."

his therapist sighed, tapping the end of his pencil on paper he shook his head out of disappointment. "i'm sorry seungmin, but I have no control over that. the foster home system is the only option that is the best for you."

"but what if i don't think it isn't!"

biting his lip, the older tried to calm the boy down. pushing up his glasses he looked around the room, thinking. "how about i try and find someone in the area to take care of you? is that fair? at least i'll be able to try and let you stay."

seungmin's eyes widened by his words, "s-seriously? y-you'll do that for me! even if i'm kinda acting like a brat.."

he patted seungmin's head and gave a promising smile, "of course, and don't worry you aren't a brat. but give me a couple days, these things have a long process. okay?"

"o-okay..thanks mr. yang.."

"of course seungmin, i'll see you soon."

seungmin then got up from his seat to leave the room. mr. yang had looked over seungmin's notes from the past week until now. he was doing well, no spazzing or mental break downs which was good. in each session they had, he always brought up the hyunjin boy aka his next door neighbor and current boyfriend. the younger always told him he couldn't leave the area because of him. which was hard to ensure since people weren't always willing to take care of a child who wasn't their own. 

but mr. yang had thought for a little in the room. what if he took in seungmin? he had a child of his own who was only a year younger than seungmin. his wife always encouraged his decisions whether if she was on board or not, as long as it made his patient happy. 

as one of the child services workers came, she looked around for the boy. "where is he?"

"i let him go for the day, he's been having too many sessions this week. i understand his situation yet talking about it too much can lead to a breaking point." mr. yang explained, the person then nodded. 

"well, we have found many couples who are willing to take in seungmin."

"are they in the area?"

"sadly no, about an hour or three away." she told with a heavy sigh, "he's not going to like it but it is his only choice."

mr. yang shook his head, "not his only choice, i can become one of his choices." 

she raised a brow, crossing her arms not interpreting what he meant. "what are you trying to say mr. yang?"

"my son is a student at jyp academy. he is an only child so it might be good to bring in someone new." (let's pretend jeongin's older and younger brother doesn't exist in the story)

"mr. yang, are you sure about this decision you're making? don't be impulsive when agreeing to such a big job."

mr. yang toook off his glasses, "it is not impulsive in my eyes. yet i am doing this for seungmin. he hasn't been able to experience what a family household should feel like. and, he has someone he loves here who can not be taken away from him..i am doing this for my patient's happiness."

gulping the lump in her throat, she nodded. "fair enough, i will contact the waiting families and inform that seungmin has found a home. thank you mr. yang." turning back she left the room.

cleaning his lenses, he smiled once more. "a happy patient means i am doing my job right."

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