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"bloom baby."

art doesn't deserved to be destroyed. those words have stuck within seungmin's mind for hours. after the balcony scene from last night, he went back into his room. heart beating, palms sweaty, himself lost for words.

"how am I art? I don't even see myself as beautiful anymore.." seungmin whispered to himself, looking at the purple marks on his stomach.

covering his upper body with a sweatshirt, he sat in the corner of his bed and put on his headphones. muting all the sounds beyond his music.

his father wasn't home, but once he was. he knew he'd have to stay quiet and lock his door if anything got serious.

it was a saturday afternoon and seungmin was bored. he had nothing fun to do, nobody to talk to. just himself and nobody else.

but, he saw a figure's shadow at his balcony door. scared at first, the figure started to knock. seungmin taking off his headphones, he grabbed a nearby book. remaining silent as a mouse, he sighed with relief once he heard the voice.

"it's me! it's jinnie!"

a smile creeping onto seungmin's face, he quietly went to open the door. hyunjin had a rose and chocolates in his hand. including a movie as well. "wanna hang out?"

seungmin hesitating for a minute, he let hyunjin in. "you home alone? also do you have a vase for this rose, it's for you."

seungmin nodded, he went out of his room to fill one up with water. coming back, hyunjin plopped the rose in. then flopping into seungmin's bed, "you're so quiet. why?"

shrugging, seungmin looked around the room awkwardly. "nobody really comes over, that's why."

hyunjin responded with a little nod, "understandable. but hey! I brought love simon, you wanna watch?"

"what's love simon?"

hyunjin giving a blank expression, his jaw dropped. "you don't know love simon? you don't know one of the greatest movies and book of all time!"

seungmin awkwardly shook his head.

"well then princess, I'll pop the movie in and hop over to my place to grab a tub of ice cream. be right back okay?"

hyunjin the ran and jumped over to his balcony side. seungmin letting a scream from the action, he sighed from relieve. "don't do those types of things!!"

seungmin then sat on his bed, covering his face slapping himself a couple times. "get yourself together, don't act so weird in front of him."

hyunjin coming back a couple minutes later. he had two tubs of ice cream and spoons. "ready?"

the movie starting, it was alright at first. seungmin and hyunjin were a couple inches away. not too close to each other. but into the movie seungmin started moving closer without any thought. to then hyunjin's arm was locked around seungmin's waist, while seungmin rested his head on hyunjin's chest.

a couple sniffles coming from seungmin, hyunjin looked down. smiling at him like a dork. "don't cry."

"h-how can I not!" seungmin replied, "t-that scene was s-so emotional!"

as the ending clip came in, seungmin bawled coughing out, 'they're so beautiful'. hyunjin rubbing his back, he gave him a couple tissues.

"see? best movie ever." hyunjin told, laughing a bit after.

seungmin nodding, he was about to reply until he heard a bang on the door.

"seungmin! what the hell are you doing in there!" a low voice growled, seungmin's eyes widened.

looking at hyunjin, he pulled him off the bed and pointed to the door. "d-door! go!"

hyunjin confused by the sudden appearance of his father. he shook his head, "no, I'm not leaving you with this man!"

"seungmin what the hell is going on!"

seungmin looked toward the door then to hyunjin. tears filling his eyes, he shook his head. his frail voice whispering, "go.."

hyunjin wiping his tears, he kissed his forehead. "balcony tonight, just so I know that you're okay."

hyunjin leaving the building, seungmin quickly went over to open the door. he found himself dealing with an angry father.

and an empty beer bottle hitting his head.

11:38 pm

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