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cat back at it again with a seungjin story.
I love them


hwang hyunjin ;
loves seungmin's smile

kim seungmin ;
wants a puppy more than anything
thinks hyunjin is a sweet person

balcony buddies

twelve forty-six a.m. hyunjin could not drift to sleep, it was a school night. he had his mind straight on sleeping. but his body was telling him no. he didn't need sleep. he didn't want to sleep. but it was so essential, through his last three periods. each teacher would catch him sleeping. and it's becoming more of a habit than just happening once every few months.

hyunjin getting up from his bed. he walked to his balcony door. unlocking it, he sighed. the cool breeze hitting his skin, his hair slightly being pushed back. "I could stay here all night..."

but instead of looking up at the stars. he stared straight ahead, there was a balcony right next to him. it was so close to where if someone stood on it. hyunjin could easily reach for them or hop right over.

"I don't come here often..maybe that's why I never notice.."

it being dark, he noticed a figure sitting down. the unknown person hummed to themselves quietly. unaware of hyunjin's presence.

- song; love scenario - english translation

as the voice then spoke, hyunjin wanted to introduce himself. but he didn't just speak, he sung.

"we met and we loved, it has become a lasting memory.."

hyunjin staying quiet, he sat and listened to the voice sing more.

"a quite good romantic melodrama, a fine ending~ that will do, I loved you."

his eyes slowly shutting, hyunjin found himself toppling over to hit the floor. but catching himself, the voice seemed to notice him.

"s-sorry for waking you! I-I'll go now!" the person's voice was soft and sweet. the mysterious boy stood up, dismissing himself as he walked into his room.

but with hyunjin, he didn't mind the cold weather and honey voice. as long as it could make him sleep. that would make him happy.


did I just make a new seungjin fic
at 2 am in the morning? yes I did.
finished - 2:00 am

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