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i feel so !!! whenever
people respond with 'k'
like are you mad?? what's wrong?
are you good?? like a guy from freshman
japanese asked me a question then
responded with k
like !! :(

1:58 am

hyunjin waiting for seungmin to come out. he leaned against the railings of his balcony. stretching his arms, he sighed. he was beginning to grow impatient from waiting for seungmin. it felt like eternity but in reality, minutes were only passing by.

"seungmin.." hyunjin whined, "are you there?.."

tapping on the railing, the door finally opened. seungmin crawling out from his room, he looked up at hyunjin. but quickly put his head down. "hey jinnie..sorry I wasn't out.."

hyunjin raising an eyebrow, he crossed his arms. "it's alright. are you going to sing tonight?"


"can you look at me?"

seungmin becoming quiet. his smile disappeared quickly, "h-how about no..I get nervous when-"

"if you're gonna make some bullshit story, don't. now can you please look at me."

seungmin shaking his head, he turned his back on hyunjin. facing the corner. "no!"

hyunjin groaning, he hoped over to seungmin's side. tapping on his shoulder. seungmin didn't flinch, he hid his face in the palm of the hands. praying for hyunjin to go away.

waiting a couple minutes, seungmin started to mumble to himself. hyunjin trying to make out his words, he pouted.

"I look disgusting, please go."

seungmin facing him, he showcased the busted lip he had. a couple scratches on his cheek and a red marking on the other. hyunjin stared at the boy, anger filling his own body.

"did he do this?"


"your dad." hyunjin told, "I heard you last night. why didn't you tell me in the first place?"

"be-because I would have gotten in more trouble. I don't like causing trouble.."

hyunjin caressing seungmin's cheek, he winced in pain. looking at hyunjin with puppy-dog eyes, he whispered a little, 'please don't touch..'

indeed his did stop, but he kissed the places that seungmin was hurt. his cheeks, to his lips. hyunjin then running his fingers through seungmin's hair, he brought him to a tight embrace.

"art doesn't deserved to be destroyed." hyunjin told as he looked up into the sky.

10:07 pm

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