Chapter 17

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Willowleaf was horror struck. Gasps echoed throughout the clearing so loudly that Skypaw thought that RiverClan would be able to hear them.

Willowleaf's fur bristled and her tail bushed. Her eyes were wide and her back arched. Her claws instinctively unsheathed and her ears were flat.

However, she was speechless.

Sunstar did not take his fiery green gaze off of Willowleaf, even after cats started taking their sides.

"Sunstar, she's our only medicine cat!"

"We still have injured cats!"

"She doesn't have an apprentice!"

Russetsky, Bramblefrost, Duskwave, Featherfur and Bumblefoot were glaring heavily at the ThunderClan leader. However, they refused to start an argument.

Blizzardfur, Shadepaw, Flarecloud and Firesoul, however, were hissing loudly at the former ThunderClan medicine cat. They had scowls on their faces, and Sunstar had a smug expression on his face when he took notice of it.

"Firesoul, see her to the ShadowClan border," he ordered. More growls and yowls of approval and disapproval echoed through the clearing. "If she thinks she knows them, she can go treat their cats once more."

"Sunstar, don't be a fool," Willowleaf hissed. Her amber eyes were blazing. Only not with fear this time, anger. "How will you cope with no healer?"

"We'll find away," He muttered lowly.

"Sunstar, maybe we should revisit this issue another time? Cats are still bleeding." Russetsky tried to slowly talk Sunstar into letting the medicine cat stay. The ThunderClan leader glared at her in reply.

"No. Get her out now, Firesoul."

"No!" Skypaw was surprised when she heard her own voice joining the lively debate. If Willowleaf left, how would she figure out about the prophecy?

"This is nonsense!" Bramblefrost's voice was loudest as the exile patrol surrounded the tortiseshell she-cat.

"Stop them!" Duskwave screeched. Skypaw found her own paws running after the medicine cat.

"Skypaw!" Skypaw didn't stop following Willowleaf and her exports when her mother's voice reached her ears.

She couldn't let this happen. ThunderClan needed Willowleaf as much as they needed prey! If no other cat was going to do it, Skypaw had to.

"Firesoul, wait up!" She hollered as the patrol quickly stormed through the forest.

Firesoul's flaming pelt slowed down as he turned to look at her. The rest of the patrol stopped in unison. Their curious gazes burned her pelt.

Skypaw didn't expect him to listen. She skidded in the mud and cringed when she realized blood had spread this close to camp.

"Uh," She stuttered. "Can I join you?"

Willowleaf's eyes were blazing. Skypaw tried to shoot her a reassuring glance, but the former medicine cat just looked away.

"Hurry up," Firesoul replied with a flick of his tail. Skypaw scurried into the circle of warriors and Firesoul set off again.

She didn't dare talk to Willowleaf. The patrol padded along in ThunderClan's forest in silence.

Finally, after very many awkward moments, they reached the border of the Clan of Shadow. Firesoul flicked his tail and the patrol stepped away from Willowleaf, glares on their faces.

Willowleaf didn't have to be told. Tail still held high, she crossed the border. Skypaw respected her courage and the way the medicine cat refused to swallow her pride. But she didn't fool Skypaw. Skypaw knew that she was hurting that her Clan could just throw her out like crowfood.

"Let's go," Firesoul meowed, his voice filled with triumph. It made Skypaw sick to her stomach.

The patrol let out a cry of victory. However, Skypaw refused to join them. This was no victory, but a sign of weakness. Without a healer, they were all doomed.

As the patrol began padding away, Skypaw glanced over the border again. The patrol seemed distracted as they continued to meow words of triumph to each other, that they had rid the Clan of traitors. Skypaw studied them for a few more moments.

It's now or never.

And with that, her paws were bolting across the ShadowClan scent line.

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