Chapter 19

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"Skypaw," Willowleaf meowed gently. Skypaw was snapped out of her thoughts and her gaze quickly rested on the former medicine cat.

"He murdered Moonfur, didn't he?" Skypaw meowed calmly, although the last few words of her sentence cracked with disbelief.

"He did." Willowleaf layed down the truth gently. Skypaw was thankful for that.

"I don't understand," Skypaw's voice was hoarse. "how he has all of ThunderClan fooled. It doesn't make sense." Suddenly, realization hit her. "How did you find out?"

"StarClan sends messages in more ways than one," Willowleaf replied. "also, we have a witness."

Skypaw didn't have to ask who it was. The small brown warrior was already implanted in her mind. No wonder he said the words that wouldn't leave Skypaw's mind, Sunstar was taking a mentor and an apprentice on patrol! Hazelflower could have been the latest edition of Moonfur!

Anger brewed up inside of her vains. How could Sunstar murder an innocent warrior for no apparent reason? How could he not even own up to it? How could StarClan accept him, let alone give him nine lives?

"What has Mousetail shared with you?" Skypaw asked.

"Nothing, I haven't even spoke to him," Willowleaf lashed her tail and said the next words with clear disgust. "Sunstar swore him to secrecy. If Mousetail talked, Sunstar would kill him. Not to mention he would most likely get away with it."

"So, Mousetail has no idea that you know?" Skypaw was impressed. Willowleaf took orders from this cat who was, by the warrior code, leader of ThunderClan even though she knew his wicked backstory. Not to mention that she acted as if everything was alright, that there was nothing wrong with the darkness that had risen to power.

"No, he knows," Willowleaf meowed. "We exchange glances every now and then. Also, remember that StarClan works in very mysterious ways," Skypaw narrowed her eyes in understanding, but Willowleaf continued anyways. "Sandstar spoke to him in his dreams."

"So, where does he stand?" When the former medicine cat turned her head to the side in confusion, Skypaw clarified. "In the prophecy, I mean."

"Oh," Willowleaf's eyes narrowed in concentration. "It doesn't say. The prophecy only mentions a sky, which is you, Skypaw. And a sun, which is Sunstar. I'm certain that StarClan couldn't have left him out, considering he has the wicked memories and the brutal secret trapped in him so far that he can never forget about them, but whatever they have planned has not been shared with me."

"That doesn't make sense, though," Skypaw contradicted. "How can I be the sky when I haven't witnessed it? Or by the fact that I don't have a relationship with Sunstar in anyway? I was only a kit when he killed Moonfur!"

"Skypaw," Willowleaf cut off Skypaw's questions that kept falling out of her mouth. Skypaw stopped and lifted her gaze back up to meet Willowleaf's. However, Willowleaf didn't say anything right away, just walked up to a small, clear pond in the marsh of ShadowClan. Flicking her tail to beckon Skypaw closer, the ThunderClan apprentice obeyed.

"Look at your reflection," Willowleaf instructed as she looked down into the pond. A tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes came into sight, followed by a silver tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes.

"Look at yourself," she meowed. "Tell me what you see."

Skypaw did as she was told. She saw long whiskers, and her fur that wasn't groomed. She saw the not so pretty, infected but treated, scratches from two battles across her cheek and stained blood on her ear. However, under all those battle mishaps, her eyes seemed just fine. Clear, healthy, and even beautiful eyes blinked at the pond.

"Look closer," The medicine cat meowed when she noticed Skypaw had seen her eyes. As Skypaw did so, the same glowing appeared around them, just as it had with the leaf that had fallen from the weeping willow.

Once again, it started to shine brightly, blocking Skypaw's vision from Willowleaf or her ShadowClan surroundings. However, even if she wanted look, she couldn't. Her eyes were stuck looking at their reflection.

"You are the sky," A voice echoed in her ears. "You are the sky that will fall. You, Skypaw, are the sky. You can see it within you, your eyes show it. Some cats say that a cat's eyes are the window to the soul, and indeed it is. You are the sky. You were named after it. Use it."

With that, the glowing began to fade. Even as her vision seemed to return, Skypaw was still stuck staring at her eyes. "You are the sky. You are the sky that will fall. You, Skypaw, are the sky. You can see it within you, your eyes show it. Some cats say that a cat's eyes are the window to the soul, and indeed it is. You are the sky. You were named after it. Use it."

Skypaw returned to herself after the message had repeated itself. Staring back at the reflection, she stared at her distorted image as a wave ripped through the water when she put her paw in the myteriously clear substance. Retreating it quickly, she noticed she wasn't staring at two she-cats anymore, but just one.

She tore her gaze from the pond and looked back at Willowleaf, who was staring expectantly at her. Willowleaf nodded simply, as if she knew what StarClan had chosen to share with her. However, Skypaw saw not just realization in the tortoiseshell she-cat's eyes, but agreement.

"You are the sky, Skypaw," Willowleaf whispered. "Your eyes show it. Use it."

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