Clan Roster

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The four Clans have an abundance of cats of all different shapes, sizes, colors and purrsonalities. Take a look!


Leader: Sandstar- A beautiful sand colored she-cat. Her green eyes light up with personality and wisdom.

Deputy: Sunblaze- A large, bright ginger tom with white paws and a white tail tip. His strengths lay in battle where his deep green eyes light like fire.

Medicine Cat: Willowleaf- A young tortiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. She attracts the attention of toms but is not allowed to find a mate.


Appleleaf- A brown tom with amber eyes. Close to retiring to being an elder.

Apprentice; Bumblepaw

Duskwave- A silver tabby she-cat with black stripes and deep blue eyes.

Bramblefrost- A dark brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes.

Stormpelt- A gray tom with a white tail tip with faint blue eyes.

Firesoul- A blazing tabby tom with green eyes.

Flarecloud- A beautiful ginger she-cat with wonderful deep green eyes.

Apprentice; Berrypaw

Flowermoon- A tortiseshell she-cat with brown eyes.
Apprentice; Featherpaw

Hazelflower- A black she-cat with unusual hazel eyes.

Petalheart- A white she-cat with reddish eyes due to an accident with poisonous petals when she was a kit.

Blizzardfur- A white she-cat with poofy white fur and gray eyes.

Jaysoul- A gray tabby tom with honorable blue eyes.

Hawk-eye- A partially blind sand colored tom with blue eyes.

Moonfur: A beautiful silver tabby with deep blue eyes.
Apprentice, Mousepaw


Featherpaw- A silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Bumblepaw- A cream colored tom with black stripes.

Berrypaw- A black tom with deep blue eyes.

Mousepaw- A small brown tom with brilliant brown eyes.


Russetsky- A dark gray shadowy she-cat with blue eyes. Formerly of ShadowClan. Mother to Skykit, Shadekit and Rainkit.

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