Chapter 21

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"Willowleaf!" Skypaw hissed. Skypaw didn't want to take her eyes off the lights, which had multipled to two, speeding towards them with a mighty roar. When Willowleaf didn't stir, Skypaw leaped on her.

Willowleaf sprang to her paws, throwing Skypaw off her. Her fur was bristled. "What was that for?" She asked, her tone sharp.

"Look!" Skypaw hissed once more. Her tail pointed to the speeding lights.

"Great StarClan!" Willowleaf's back arched. Her eyes were wild when she screeched, "We got to go warn ShadowClan!"

Skypaw looked at her former medicine cat, bewildered. Her first instrinct was to run, not warn an enemy Clan!

Although, Willowleaf, as a medicine cat, didn't really have enemy Clans. She just went with the flow.

Now, she really didn't have any enemy Clans.

"We got to get out of here!" Skypaw insisted.

"We must warn ShadowClan, their camp could be destroyed! They have nursing queens!"

The thought of kits dying because Skypaw ran to save her own life made her stomach churn. Reluctantly, she nodded, signalling she agreed. "Let's go, then," She meowed flatly.

Willowleaf didn't have to be told twice. She spun around and began dashing through the trees. Skypaw noticed Willowleaf herself even had muscle. How did she train? She thought to herself.

Skypaw definitely had more muscle than she did when the badgers attacked ThunderClan, for she had trained since then and even lived through another battle. Skypaw had to get used to battles springing themselves on her. This was life as a warrior.

Brambles snagged her pelt and pine needles pricked her paws as she bolted after Willowleaf. Although the former medicine cat didn't seem to be in pain, Skypaw sure was. She was used to the familiar paths of ThunderClan's territory, her trained paws had learned where the brambles grew. She thanked StarClan that they didn't live in the pines.

Growling in pain, she started to fall behind. She pushed forward with all of her effort. If she was helping her own Clan, it would have been much easier to keep going. But this was an enemy Clan that hated ThunderClan at the moment, and if any cat found out she was here, Sunstar would have her pelt.

Out in ShadowClan territory, that is.

She tried to ignore the fact that just earlier today that Dapplestar tried to rip her and her mother to shreds. If all goes well, Skypaw thought with a snicker. She will die once the lights reach her.

Surely StarClan wouldn't accept Dapplestar if she were to die, would they? Her life was filled with hatred when her kit left the Clan!

Yet again, they gave a murderer nine lives to lead a Clan. Skypaw didn't know where her warrior ancestors would mess up next. They were unpredictable.

Skypaw slipped and skidded once her paws left the uncomfortable grounds of pine needles and squished in the marsh. She meowed in surprise and slipped, mud gripping onto her pelt, making it heavy. Hissing in annoyance, Willowleaf grabbed Skypaw's scruff like Russetsky once had to haul her to her paws. She felt like hissing, "I can walk myself!" but decided against it. Willowleaf was only trying to help.

Skypaw muttered a thanks. Together, they bolted off once more. Skypaw could hear the ear splitting creeks and cracks of trees. Turning her head to look back behind her, she saw the tops of leaves plummeting to the ground. This gave her paws fuel, and soon she was leading the way.

She only stopped briefly to let Willowleaf pass her because she had no idea where the coldhearted cats lived. She was curious to find out, eager even, but she pushed that out of the way. She had lives to save!

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