Chapter 33

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*Hawkspirit's POV*

Hawkspirit climbed to his paws groggily. The scent of fresh herbs drifted to his nostrils, causing him to breathe in deeply. He would never get tired of the plants that could save cats' lives.

Glancing over at Nightflare, her black pelt shone in the moonlight. He had gone to sleep early, making sure he was fully energized to meet Skypaw.

The prophecy still echoed in his mind, and the seriousness Willowleaf had explained it came along with the memory. Her amber eyes shone with certainty, as if every word she was saying she knew was true, and it surprised Hawkspirit even more when he found out that Skypaw knew that she was the subject of it.

Well, half the subject, that is.

How could she act like she was any normal apprentice? Surely it was almost impossible, StarClan had chosen her as if they would a medicine cat to save the Clan. It was almost like she had the best of both worlds, being a warrior and a medicine cat.

Hawkspirit, being a new fully trained medicine cat, had never recieved a prophecy for ShadowClan. He knew he should be feeling blessed, that despite Dapplestar's horrid fascination with wanting ShadowClan blood out of ThunderClan, StarClan had not taken punishment upon them. However, he knew that time of well being in ShadowClan was running out.

Glancing one more time at Nightflare, making sure she was soundly asleep, he erupted silently from the medicine den. The only cat awake was Frosttail, guarding camp once again. He didn't know why, but the snowy warrior always volunteered to do this task that most warriors despised.

"Frosttail," He meowed a greeting. Frosttail's eyes lit up with curiosity.

"Hawkspirit?" She replied. "Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"I can't sleep, so I'm going to go out and gather some herbs. Nightflare will be happy when she wakes."

Frosttail nodded. "If you want, I could go with you. It's not safe wandering around the territory alone at night, especially since those ThunderClan cats showed up." She snickered. "Monsters? They barely reached the brink of our territory!"

"It was a warning," Hawkspirit snapped. When Frosttail seemed surprised at his tone, he quickly added, "We tried to take over their forest. They should have left us to die, because we both know that's what Dapplestar would have decided to do. They're nice cats,"

"Nice? How were they supposed to know that a monster was coming? They were on our territory!" Frosttail retorted.

"You were at the Gathering," Hawkspirit fought back. "Willowleaf was exiled. Skypaw was trying to get her back,"

"Whatever," Frosttail spat. "I will never be fond of the mangy ThunderClan. I mean, they were named after a Thunderpath! Those things contain monsters and are evil! It only makes sense that they're evil too."

"If that's what you want to tell the kits in the nursery," Hawkspirit glared. "Go ahead. But, don't forget, when you die you're going to see ThunderClan cats in StarClan."

Without saying another word, Hawkspirit pushed past her through the tunnel. His paws sank into the familiar paw prints of all the cats that lived here before him, and it reminded him of the Moonpool. It was one of his favorite places in the world, where he could feel the icy water on his nose and sleep by its shore, awaiting StarClan's arrival in his dream.

Looking back to make sure Frosttail wasn't watching him, he bolted through the marsh. Trained paws easily glided across the squishy substance where warriors caught frogs as he stopped dead on his paws. A frog was looking up at him, but this wasn't any other old creature.

Carefully sniffing at it, the scent of ThunderClan drifted to his nose. However, that wasn't all he scented. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes peacefully as Skypaw's scent traveled from the frog. It was stale, and judging by the mixture that he was smelling, Willowleaf had been here as well. Knowing the curious apprentice, she had probably stopped to look at the slimy green creature that are absent in ThunderClan territory.

Bolting off again, he dropped Skypaw from his mind. Knowing he was going to meet the silver apprentice, he knew he had to keep his thoughts straight. Skypaw had hesitated when she agreed to meet him here, and he prayed to StarClan she would show up.

He had to keep his focus, because it was almost impossible not to get lost in those sky blue eyes.

*Skypaw's POV* 

Skypaw groaned as she opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry and it felt as if her brain was pounding against her skull, the ache was almost unbearable. However, despite her lack of vision, she could tell she was in the medicine den. Hope rose in her when she realized Willowleaf could be back, where she belonged, but breathing through her nose she caught no sign of the, once again, ThunderClan medicine cat.

"She's awake!" Skypaw hadn't even realized there were other cats in the den. The chirp of the cat who had first spoken was undoubtedly Hazelflower, and before long her mentor's hazel eyes were hovering over her, along with two sets of blue eyes that belonged to her mother and father.

"Skypaw, are you okay?" Bramblefrost's voice was filled with worry. Skypaw could tell he had been panicking, and she wondered how long she was out.

"I think so," Skypaw croaked. She felt the warm rasp of her mother's tongue glide across her ear.

"We thought you had died," Russetsky fretted. "The whole Clan was in a frenzy. Featherfur made Bumblefoot go out and catch you the biggest mouse in the forest. Hazelflower had been watching you hunt, and she saw you fall. After seeing you had blacked out, she ran back to camp screeching like a dying bird." The last sentence was filled with amusement.

"Hey!" Hazelflower playfully retorted. "She's my apprentice, I'm going to take care of her." Skypaw's heart warmed.

"Where's Willowleaf?" Skypaw's throat burned, but she didn't care.

"Sunstar set out patrols of cats to go find her," Russetsky replied. "He was orginally going to go alert the other Clans to keep an eye out for her and to send her back to camp tomorrow, but then you got hurt."

"Rainpaw and Shadepaw have been begging to see you," Bramblefrost added. "Russetsky wouldn't let them. It's already crowded between the four of us in here, and I know Willowleaf would only allow two cats, if not one."

Skypaw murmured something in reply. They were all telling her things she didn't care about, she wanted to know how long she had been out and if they had found any sign of Willowleaf. She had just seen her at the Gathering, she couldn't be that far away!

Suddenly, a thought hit her.

Hawkspirit! I have to meet him!

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