Chapter 15

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Quick warning: I'm typing this chapter on my phone rather than my computer, so I'll look it over a few times but if you see any typos, I apologize.)

Skypaw saw light instead of seeing usual darkness when she normally closed her eyes. She was expecting this to be the end, for the light would be StarClan. Her life was over and she hadn't even earned her warrior name!

Just when she was about to scream at the starry cats she had yet to see that it wasn't fair, her eyesight was plunged back into darkness and she heard voices.

"I caught Ratscar just before he suffocated her," Skypaw heard the usual voice of Nightflare. She started to panic. Had ShadowClan taken her hostage?

StarClan, help me! She screamed inside her head.

"He still got her neck though," Skypaw let out a breath that she hadn't known she was holding when she heard the comforting meow of Willowleaf.

Wait, so if both the ShadowClan and ThunderClan medicine cats were together, where were they? She knew neither medicine cats would go to the other one's camp. Opening her eyes, her head ached as she waited for her vision to focus.

She was surprised when she didn't see the sky or trees above her. Instead, she saw wood. Not the usual kind of wood she was used to on the tree trunks, but a wood she usually avoided for safety reasons.

She gasped. They were in the abandoned Twoleg nest across from the old Thunderpath!

Skypaw sat up slowly, deciding to take in the rest of her surroundings. The ground was soft and fuzzy, and she rubbed her paw against it. Whatever this colorful substance was, she definitely preferred it under her paws rather than the forest floor.

She cringed when she took a closer look at her paw. Her claws were still unsheathed and they were stained a crimson color from the amount of blood she had taken from the ShadowClan invaders.

Her silver fur was matted and stained a reddish brown color. Skypaw assumed she had been laying in mud until the cat, who she guessed had been Nightflare, dragged her away from the battle that could have very well been her last. Blood and mud with a tint of silver and gray stripes wasn't a pretty sight.

Looking at the walls that surrounded her, she noticed they were a green color. But not the inviting green color the ThunderClan forest brought. Or ShadowClan forest. Straining her ears, she didn't hear any more cries and screeches that signaled spilling blood. The battle had ended, but who had won?

For the first time, her eyes darted around the strange area. There were multiple cats in the room, ThunderClan and ShadowClan both. She recognized the sleeping pelt of Duskwave. However, other than the ThunderClan warrior, Skypaw couldn't find any more familiar pelts. This sent a triumphant wave through her, thinking that ThunderClan had kicked ShadowClan tail, but once again the young ThunderClan apprentice felt out of place and alone.

"You're awake," Skypaw jumped. Bright blue eyes of a dark brown pelt loomed above her. Hawkpaw.

"Can you tell me what in StarClan am I doing here with ShadowClan?" Skypaw's voice was hoarse and raspy. It didn't come out more than a whisper.

"Nightflare, she needs water," Hawkpaw called over his shoulder. Turning back to Skypaw, he started to tell the story.

"Nightflare and I didn't know ShadowClan would attack when we were in your territory, I promise," he meowed. "After we heard the battle, Willowleaf lead us here to shelter. It looked bad out there, so we dragged the most injured cats here for treatment," Hawkpaw explained.

Skypaw cringed when she thought of herself one of the most injured. Certainly that couldn't be true.

"Am I really one of the most injured?" Skypaw asked, her voice cracking a few times.

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