Sky Fall

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Hello! This is Kaylin, Co-Owner of the Fallen Skies Minecraft roleplay server.

I am happily bringing to you, a wanted vote, Warrior Cats fanfiction. All credit for the general ideas (Cats, Clans, etc) goes to the Erin Hunter team. However, the storyline, characters and book titles/covers is credited to me. Also, I do not try to use book names, but I am only human and may sometimes accidentally use them.

If you are reading this, I hope you know how much you actually mean to me as you contribute to the growth of my story.

Thank you, and enjoy the book!


A ginger tom bolted through the forest, his patrol behind him. His unusual green eyes darted back and forth, looking for any signs of danger. With ears perked, he struggled to keep up with the rogue cats ahead.

"Forget it, Clannies! You will never catch up with us!" One of the tabbies ahead hollered.

"Sunblaze, it's no use. They'll get away," A graceful silver tabby she-cat sped up next to the ginger tom, her voice urgent and defeated.

"Moonfur," Sunblaze meowed back. "They have ThunderClan prey! They are not getting away on my watch."

"Just because you're deputy doesn't mean you have to do everything right," Moonfur's dark blue eyes were sincere as she spoke. "Plus, it's greenleaf. We can catch more pr-"

"They're not gone yet," Sunblaze didn't even look at her. He stretched as he ran ahead of her, dismissing the she-cat.

Moonfur sighed and continued to run.

"Sunblaze!" A brown tabby tom yelled. "They crossed the WindClan border!" Sunblaze skidded to a halt, causing all cats to skid and scurry in the leafy undergrowth.

"Mousepaw," Sunblaze muttered through gritted teeth. What did I tell you about yelling during battle?"

Sunblaze was not a cat to reckon with. As deputy, he wanted everything done as he said, and no cat dared to challenge him. Ever.

The young apprentice lowered his head in shame. "I just wanted to help," he murmured.

"You did nothing of the sort! Now go back to camp. No prey for you tonight."

Sunblaze's green eyes shone like green fire.

Mousepaw turned and did what his deputy said and started to walk away, his tail drooping in the dust.

"Wait, Mousepaw!" Moonfur called. Mousepaw turned and looked at his mentor, sadness clear in his eyes. "Come back here," she meowed softly.

"Moonfur," Sunblaze hissed a warning but Moonfur ignored him.

"You did good," she soothed the young tom. "You saved time. We would have ran right up to the border and who knows what WindClan would have done," the she-cat's tail wrapped around Mousepaw's shoulders.

"He did nothing of the sort!" Sunblaze scowled. "He simply disrupted orders!"

"Unnecessary orders," Moonfur corrected, her deep blue eyes angry. "You're such a bossy furball!"

Sunblaze showed his teeth. "Do you want to say that again?"

"Yes," the brave she-cat replied, standing her ground. "I don't know why Sandstar would have picked you as deputy. You're nothing but an ignorant, selfish mousebrain! As I said, just because you are deputy doesn't mean you're always right! Taking out your anger at defeat on a young apprentice doesn't solve anyt-" Moonfur's words were cut off with a shriek as Sunblaze's claws collided with her face.

"Mousepaw!" Moonfur cried. "Go get help and warn Sandstar!"

"Never," Sunblaze hissed, glaring heavily at the apprentice. "Don't you dare."

"Please!" Moonfur screeched as Sunblaze's hard blows knocked her to the ground. With blood from her bleeding cheek blinding her, it was hard to fight back.

Moonfur batted back at the deputy, all while her long term apprentice stood there and watched his mentor get beaten.

No matter how hard Moonfur tried, her weak blows were no use against the huge ginger tom. He had dominated over her, his claws sinking into her shoulders as he pinned her.

"No one ever contradicts me," He hissed into her ear. Moonfur didn't say anything, struggling to speak. She knew that speaking out was a mistake.

However, a mistake she was not willing to regret. She dared to do it again...

"Except me." She managed to hiss out. Sunblaze hissed at her words and raked his hind claws down her stomach, earning an ear splitting screech from Moonfur. Afraid of being discovered murdering the pretty warrior, he sunk his claws into her throat deeply to kill her quickly.

Moonfur's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she paled, the life bleeding out of her at all costs. Mousepaw stared as the supposedly loyal ThunderClan deputy murdered his mentor, eyes wide and his mouth wide open in shock.

Sunblaze withdrew his teeth from the dead she-cat's neck, her blood all over his fur. Glancing at the apprentice briefly, he muttered, "Get me some foxdung."

When Mousepaw didn't move, he hissed again, "Get me some foxdung. Do you want to end up like Moonfur?"

This sent Mousepaw crashing through the forest, returning only moments later with his paws soaked in the disgusting substance.

Without a word, Sunblaze rolled around in it, disguising Moonfur's scent with a fox's. Then, after making sure the young warrior's scent was off him, he coated her body with foxdung to disguise his own scent.

"We will say a fox got her," Sunblaze meowed like nothing happened. "And if you dare say anything, you will, with no doubt, be joining her. Got it?"

Mousepaw nodded quickly. "Now, go alert camp that there was a fox. I'll appear shortly after." Sunblaze meowed, checking Moonfur's claws for any sign of his fur.

Taking a deep, defeated and worried breath, Mousepaw screeched a vicious cry for help and ran, storming through the forest in the direction of camp. Sunblaze lingered around the bloody clearing for a few moments before storming through the undergrowth after the brown tom.

Moonfur's beautiful, bloodstained body was left in the undergrowth where her life was taken from her as moonlight seeped in from above the treetops.

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