Chapter 1

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Hey guys, to avoid confusion, I'm just letting you know this is the morning of the prologue. Therefor, Moonfur is alive still and Sunblaze is still an innocent deputy in all cats' eyes. XD Anyways, thanks for reading and enjoy chapter one!)

Skykit opened her eyes as her sleep was disrupted. Growling in annoyance, she looked in the direction of the sound.

"I bet you you can't even make it half way to the top of the den!" Rainkit squealed.

"Can too!" Shadekit spat.

"Prove it!" Rainkit growled playfully. Shadekit gave her a final glare before leaping on the side of the den, her tiny claws gripping on the twigs that built it. Quickly, she climbed the wooden net like structure.

"Get down!" Russetsky scolded. "Bramblefrost and Flarecloud worked hard to build this den and we are not going to destroy it by playing."

"Rainkit told me to!" Shadekit whined as she leaped down, leaves following her as the den rattled.

"I bet you, I didn't say you had to!" Rainkit spat. Her gray tabby fur was ruffled.

"Enough," Russetsky meowed. Her similar shadowy gray tabby fur was neatly groomed.

"Be quiet," Skykit moaned. All she wanted to do is sleep the day away.

"Skykit," Russetsky's attention seemed to be focused on Skykit instead of her siblings. "Get up. The dawn patrol is just leaving."

"Who's on it?" Skykit questioned. She couldn't wait for the day she would be assigned to her first patrol.

"Sunblaze, Firesoul and Flarecloud," Her mother replied.

"Why were all three siblings put together on a patrol?" Skykit questioned.

"Sometimes, siblings like to be with each other. Once you become a warrior, it's not just all fun and play." Russetsky was up now, her tongue rasping over Rainkit's ear.

"I'd sure hope so." Skykit sneered, glaring at her siblings. "I want to work for my Clan!"

"And I'm sure you will." The former ShadowClan queen meowed. Shadekit was like a copy of Russetsky, and it made Skykit just a tiny bit jealous.

"No one be a better warrior than me," Shadekit boasted. "Did you not just see me climb? I'm going to be the ambush queen!"

"Russetsky?" Bramblefrost poked his head in the nursery. Bramblefrost was Skykit's and her littermates' father and Russetsky's mate.

"Yes?" Russetsky's eyes always lit up around him. It made Skykit sick, so she turned away.

"Sandstar is ill again," Bramblefrost meowed. "Willowleaf isn't sure if she's going to recover again,"

Russetsky's eyes clouded. "Sandstar has already lost two lives from fighting greencough. In greenleaf, too! How many more can she afford to loose?"

"By the despair Willowleaf is in, I'm guessing not many, if none at all." Bramblefrost looked at his paws in sorrow.

"At least we know Sunblaze can lead us with pride and security," Russetsky whispered. Something about her tone made Bramblefrost nod briefly and retrieve his head from the nursery entrance, walking away.

"What's going on with Sandstar, Russetsky?" Rainkit meowed, curiosity thick in her mew.

"Sandstar is ill," Russetsky meowed to her daughters carefully.

"Will she be alright?" Shadekit chimed in.

"Willowleaf doesn't know," Russetsky admitted. Skykit felt sorrow for her mother. She knew of a tale that stated Sandstar cared for Russetsky when ThunderClan wouldn't as if she were her own kit.

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