Chapter 16

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Warning: This chapter may be shorter than the usual. Typing on my phone once more because my laptop died.)

"Willowleaf!" "Skypaw!" "Duskwave!" The calls of the cats of ThunderClan rang through the clearing at the she-cats' arrival.

"Where have you been?" Sunstar's deep meow was filled with fury. Skypaw cringed.

"Abandoned Twoleg nest," Willowleaf seemed un-phased as the ThunderClan leader spoke to her.

"Why?" Sunstar snapped. Skypaw glanced around her Clanmates, who were silent and were staring at her, Willowleaf and Duskwave with wide eyes.

Skypaw's eyes soon shone on Russetsky and Bramblefrost. Russetsky's pelt was littered with scratches, but her fur was neatly groomed and she didn't seem too injured. Bramblefrost looked the same from the last time Skypaw had seen him. This means that ShadowClan never reached camp, Skypaw thought to herself, relieved.

Russetsky's eyes glittered with relief, for her kit had returned to camp. Bramblefrost's, however, were littered with disapproval as the ThunderClan leader scolded her.

"Nightflare and Hawkspirit needed shelter from the battle," Willowleaf explained. "It was too late for them to run back to their camp. And what was I supposed to do, leave them alone? It also came in handy so we could treat cats during the battle."

"Cats of ThunderClan only, I hope," Sunstar snapped once more.

The ThunderClan medicine cat looked baffled. "We treated ShadowClan cats too, Sunstar," she meowed, her tone calm.

"Nonsense!" Sunstar spat. Skypaw wished she could run as far as WindClan's moor as she saw the fire building up in her leader's green eyes.

"What, were Nightflare and Hawkspirit just supposed to sit there and watch as their cats were killed and I treated my own?" Willowleaf retorted.

"Yes!" Sunstar's tail lashed. "They should have not been in our territory in the first place!"

"Calm down!" Willowleaf hissed. "The medicine cat code goes over Clan boundaries and you know that."

This was not going to go over well. As the medicine cat grew more defensive and the ThunderClan leader grew more angry, Skypaw wished she was a kit in the nursery again. Small, lazy, and was able to hide under the moss when a problem for ThunderClan came calling.

However, she wasn't a kit. She was an apprentice, and she had to stand here, watching this argument accelerate along with the rest of her Clan.

Skypaw prayed Sunstar wouldn't turn his attention to her. Whatever he would ask, Skypaw would not have an answer and she knew that for sure.

"They knew their Clan was going to attack. How mousebrained are you? They simply used you to get our medicine cat away from camp and to get themselves in the heart of the battle to heal their warriors!" Willowleaf scowled as the ThunderClan leader raged at her.

As much as Skypaw hated to admit it, Sunstar's prediction did seem reasonable. After all, hadn't Nightflare said that Dapplestar was ill and was unable to be healed? That certainly wasn't the case when she tried to rip Skypaw's pelt off!

Doubt clouded Skypaw's mind. Maybe Sunstar was right, after all.

"That's not true!" Willowleaf protested. Murmurs started to be heard from among the warriors. Skypaw noticed their uneasy gazes pointed at the ThunderClan medicine cat.

"It is too!" Sunstar's tail was bushed up. She had never seen any ThunderClan cat behave the way he was right now.

The next words that left the ThunderClan leader's mouth Skypaw wanted to erase forever. Her heart skipped a beat and her blood turned ice. However, Willowleaf's was much worse.

"You're no longer welcome in ThunderClan, traitor! Get out!"

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